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MHP Strongman Champions League: USA Broadcast Schedule

Universal Sports Network will be broadcasting MHP Strongman Champions League contests, starting with the 2014 season. IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL

“Good news for strongman fans in the USA: strongman fan: The MHP Strongman Champions League signed up a deal with Universal Sports Network,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.

“They broadcast in the USA and the Caribbean, so this means that all the fans can see the MHP Strongman Champions League series, in complete, full episodes.

“The first broadcasts will start on June 1 at 6 pm in the evening, which is a prime time slot. The complete 2014 series will be shown, every week, one episode.

“And after that, the 2015 series will be broadcast as well, around September or October and everybody can see as well the historic 1000-year old world record from Hafthor Bjornsson, the Game of Thrones star, done in the MHP /SCL Norway earlier this year.

“We are very happy and delighted with this broadcasting deal and we think it will give another boost to our SCL series all around the globe.

“We have proven to be the best series in strongman with the greatest strongman competitors in the world. It is only champions who are competing in our league. Meantime we are to be seen now in 95 countries.
“We wish everybody great pleasure to watch our series, recorded in 16 different countries all over the world in the best places you can imagine, so stay tuned and watch the first episode 2014, the MHP Strongman Champions League  Martinique on the Universal Sports Network on June 1,” said Mostert.


Hafthor Wins World’s Strongest Viking, Sets Sights on World’s Strongest Man

Hafthor Wins World’s Strongest Viking, Sets Sights on World’s Strongest Man

“Hafthor Julius Bjornsson made history today in the World’s Strongest Viking competition,” Ilkka Kinnnen reported to IronMind, “breaking a record that has been part of  history for 1000 years.”

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson just won the World’s Strongest Viking in spectacular fashion, which included carrying this 650-kg log. Next on his list is winning the World’s Strongest Man contest. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Ilkka Kinnunen

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson just won the World’s Strongest Viking in spectacular fashion, which included carrying this 650-kg log. Next on his list is winning the World’s Strongest Man contest. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Ilkka Kinnunen


“Hafthor Julius Bjornsson made history today in the World’s Strongest Viking competition,” Ilkka Kinnnen reported to IronMind, “breaking a record that has been part of  history for 1000 years.”

“The record has been described in Icelandic Saga book,” said Kinnunen. “The legend of the Icelander Orm Storulfsson says that he walked three steps with this MONSTER WOODEN LOG which weighed over 650kg and was 10 m long! It took 50 mere mortals to help him placing it on his back! After he took his third step, his back broke under the enormous pressure and he was never the same after that!

“Thor carried the 650kg and 10m log for 5 steps. The result was unbelievable and puts Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s name in Viking history books,” said Kinnunen.

“Well, today my friends, I made history!,” said Bjornsson.  “As well as winning the title of The World’s Strongest Viking for the second time in a row, I carried this MONSTER LOG 5 steps! My back held up fine!

“I’m on my way to my ultimate goal, to win The World’s Strongest Man! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!! NOTHING CAN BREAK ME!!,” said Bjornsson.

Hafthor Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

Hafthor Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

Liv Maren Mæhre Vold of Infernal Productions, reported to IronMind, “We made a video of Hafthór carrying the 650 kilo log at Fefor yesterday. Feel free to post it to your pages. :)”  
Infernal Productionsm (Lillehammer, Norway) were on site to catch Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s historic walk with a 650-kg log at the World’s Strongest Viking contest yesterday. IronMind® | Photo by Liv Maren Mæhre Vold/Infernal Productions

Infernal Productions (Lillehammer, Norway) was on site to catch Hafthor Julius Bjornsson’s historic walk with a 650-kg log at the World’s Strongest Viking contest yesterday. IronMind® | Photo by Liv Maren Mæhre Vold/Infernal Productions


Liv Maren Mæhre Vold of Infernal Productions, reported to IronMind, “We made a video of Hafthór carrying the 650 kilo log at Fefor yesterday. Feel free to post it to your pages. :)”

The video is by Bernt Andreassen/Infernal Productions and here’s thelink.



SCL Norway aka The World’s Strongest Viking

SCL Norway aka The World’s Strongest Viking

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2015 IronMind


So cold, so hard and so much fun: SCL is coming to Norway, to crown “The World’s Strongest Viking.”

With its 16-competition schedule for 2105, the MHP Strongman Champions League is busy bringing strongman to more places and different places, so why not give everyone chills watching top strongman action in nice and cold Norway later this month. IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of SCL

SCL Norway: The World’s Strongest Viking 2015
by Kikki Berli-Johnson.

Those who have followed the world of strongman the last 20 years will almost instantly as the word competition is mentioned, picture palm trees and sun.

Well … for the second year in a row, that picture is a very different one now. World Strongest Viking is probably the worst thing that ever happened to a strongman, next to the rash they get from their thighs rubbing against each other. Why? Here are three reasons: 20 degrees (C) below, snow and mountain. It will be also the first MHP Strongman Champions League contest ever held in Norway.

I wonder what went on in the head of the promotor when the venue for the first MHP Strongman Champions League Norway,  so called “World Strongest Viking” was chosen. “Ahh, let’s find the coldest, windiest and most solitary spot on the planet that has got electricity for our cameras … and let’s choose the most awful events to do when it’s cold… It will be sooooo fun!”

Rumour has it that even Hafthor cried when he arrived last year. The placing of this competition is unique: 930 meters above sea level, next to a beautiful lake, with miles and miles of snowy plateaus, perfect for hours of skiing. The buildings are typical Norwegian with timber frame construction, some of them several hundred years old. Both kings and poets has used Fefor Mountain Hotel as their hideaway in the earlier days, and when you see it, you understand why. 
At Fefor you’ll find rest for your soul, but the last weekend of January 2015, 30 and 31to be exact, there will be no rest for the twelve strong men that will compete for the title “World Strongest Viking 2015.”

The brave men are:

–    Hafthor Julius Björnsson  (Iceland)
–    Krysztof Radzikowski  (Poland)
–    Ervin Katona  (Serbia)
–    Alex Moonen   (Holland)
–    Swedish (not decided yet)
–    JF Caron (Canada)
–    Ole Martin Hansen  (Norway)
–    Bjorn Andre Solvang   (Norway)
–    Espen Aune  (Norway)
–    Lauri Nami  (Estonia)
–    Mariusz Lalas  (Lithuania)
–    Antti Mourujärvi  (Finland)

The athletes will compete in six grueling events:

–    Front hold (with Viking Sword)
–    Boat pull (They will actually pull a Viking ship)
–    Yoke (carrying a big log on the shoulders the viking way)
–    Hercules Hold (Giant timber logs)
–    Viking press
–    Loading natural stones up to 180 kg onto platform.

And the coolest part of it all is that the average temperature for January is 20 degrees below (C), and the competition is being held outside. The athletes will do every single event outside, no matter how cold it is or how hard it is snowing. In Norway they say that there are no such thing as bad weather—there is only bad clothes. Well, the athletes better listen to this saying and bring their warmest clothes to the mountains.

What would a competition called “World Strongest Viking” be without Vikings? Don’t be afraid; there will be Vikings. There will be Viking tents and Viking long boats. There will be handcrafted Viking pottery, jewelery, swords and clothes to buy, there will be Viking food and there might be mead. There will be a “Viking blot” (a Viking feast) in the evening and there will be Viking games. Last, but not least, there will be food. Plenty of amazing food.

And, as noted, this contest will be  the first MHP Strongman Champions Leaguestage  out of again a series of 16 throughout this year which is broadcast in 92 countries all over the world. If you’re going to see just one strongman competition this year, this is the competition you can’t miss.


SCL Kuala Lumpur and World Championships

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


The MHP Strongman Champions League wrapped up its worldwide 2014 season in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Aryn Lockhart reported the action for IronMind.

Martin Wildauer just learns that he is the MHP  2014 Strongman Champions League World Champion. IronMind® | Aryn Lockhart photo


Martin Wildauer Wins the 2014 MHP Strongman Champions League World Championships

by Aryn Lockhart

Strongman Rage


Throughout the history of sports, there have been amazing, inspiring competitions that fans and athletes alike talk about for years to come. Whether it’s the 1980 US vs. Russia Olympic hockey game or the German soccer match of 1954, the 2014 Strongman Champions League Final in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia became one of those historical competitions for the Strongman Sport.


The two day competition was completed on Saturday, 15 November in front of a screaming crowd that endured torrential downpours and high humidity to find out who would become the Strongman Champions League 2014 World Champion. At the end of Friday’s events, the athletes began calculating every possible scenario that could determine the ultimate victor. Martin Wildauer, the SCL Leader, started the competition in top form. He managed an impressive tie for second place with 1:07 in the front hold and he tied with J.F. Caron for the win in the van deadlift. They both completed seven reps. The evening ended with Wildauer falling to the ground after only a few steps during the truck pull with fears that he had torn his achilles.


After a trip to the hospital, it was confirmed. Wildauer had torn his achilles. Despite this news, he was determined to continue. “I was extremely disappointed,” Wildauer stated, “I had worked so hard for this entire season and couldn’t believe this happened.” After consulting his doctors it was determined that he could have his surgery upon his return to Austria and it was possible, if his leg could be stabilized and taped well, he could compete on Saturday.

After Friday’s aftermath, Eddie Hall had the lead for the day with Vidas Blekaitas and Kryzstof Radzikowski in second. Hafthor Bjornsson was only trailing by a half point. Wildauer was tied for 5th place ensuring he was still a contender for the overall win.


Saturday began with the Farmer’s Walk. 150 kg in each hand for 40 meters. Wildauer started. The tension was high to see if Wildauer could continue. In an amazing feat of pure determination, Martin carried the suitcases just short of 20m with his torn achilles. The crowd and fellow athletes alike cheered madly as his focus was unbreakable. The farmer’s walk proved to be quite heavy with six athletes unable to complete the course. Hafthor Bjornsson breezed through this event with lightening speed finishing with an incredible 17.22 sec several seconds ahead of the next competitor.


The next event was the log lift. 150 kg for reps. The heat and humidity played a significant factor as many of the athletes struggled with completing a single rep. In an impressive display, Martin Wildauer, managed one full rep despite his injury. Vidas Blekatis and Eddie Hall both completed this event with an impressive 8 reps.


During the break, the downpour came. As a result of the weather, the tire flip was cancelled making the hand over hand truck pull the final event. The crowning of the world champion would come down to the last event and the last athlete.  Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson were battling it out to take the win on the day, but the real story was the placement as it affected the overall standings. Martin Wildauer limped his way to the hand over hand truck pull. With assistance he was able to start seated. With intensity in his eyes and the screams of the crowd behind him, Wildauer began to pull. Slowly the truck began to move and it continued in the din of the crowd. After 49.13 seconds Martin Wildauer not only completed the event, he had taken the best time. Despite his injury, Wildauer won the truck pull.


It was determined, based on Wildauer’s results, Eddie Hall would have to beat Radzikowski in the truck pull. The competition literally went down to the last event and the last athlete. Martin Wildauer stood on the sidelines screaming for Eddie. The final results ended with Eddie Hall finishing the hand over hand with 7.1m while Radzikowski completed 6.35m.


In the end, the winners of the Kuala Lumpur stage were:


1. Hafthor Bjornsson

2. Eddie Hall

3. Kryzstof Radzikowski.


Martin Wildauer placed 9th giving him enough points to win the overall championship.

 The support of the athletes to Martin Wildauer was unmistakeable. This is the unique, amazing thing about the sport. Despite being competitors, each athlete was willing to offer Wildauer a helping hand as he worked through his day with an injury.


“The 2014 Strongman Champions League made history today,” Marcel Mostert stated.  “This was the most amazing way to finish the season. Martin showed tremendous fight and passion to become the world champion.”


Final Stage Kuala Lumpur Standings

1. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson – Iceland         67

2. Eddie Hall – England                                 67

3. Krzysztof Radzikowski – Poland              61.5

4. J.F. Caron – Canada                                   57

5. Ole Martin Hansen – Norway                   54

6. Vidas Blekaitas – Lithuania                       51.5

7. Ervin Katona – Serbia                                 50.5

8. Dainis Zagaris – Latvia                               50

9. Martin Wildauer – Austria                         47.5

10. Alex Moonen  – Holland                           40

11. Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia                           30.5

12. Lauri Nami – Estonia                                26.5

13. LV Xiang – China                                    8

14. Zarol Alfiyan –Malaysia                            5

Eddie Hall Leads SCL Finals

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


Eddie Hall captured the lead in the first day of competition in the MHP Strongman Champions League finals and Aryn Lockhart called the action for IronMind.

Here on the Car Deadlift for reps at the MHP Strongman Champions League finals yesterday. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Aryn Lockhart/Strongman Rag

Eddie Hall Takes the Lead After Day One of the Strongman Champions League Final

by Aryn Lockhart


Finally after seven intense months and sixteen world class competitions throughout the world, the MHP Strongman Champions League Final has arrived. Fourteen athletes travelled from every corner of the world to Kuala Lumpar to take part in this two day competition. The first day of competition is complete. The events for day one included the front hold, van deadlift, and the bus pull.


The athletes are in top form and battling with the fiercest intensity to crown the Strongman Champions League victor. The final, which is worth double points, will determine the world champion as there are several contenders fighting over the top position.


“Everything will be decided with this competition,” Marcel Mostert explained.  Currently Martin Wildauer is in first, but Krzysztof Radzikowski and Ervin Katona have their eyes on the prize too. Strategies are in motion and the battle has begun.

 In the first day of competition, it was Eddie Hall who took first place in the front hold with an amazing 1.09 minutes. With 15 kg in each hand and suffering through the thick, humid air, the athletes fought through each second.

 The second event was an extremely heavy van deadlift. As predicted, Wildauer went to work in his best discipline tying for first with J.F. Caron with seven reps.

 The final event of the evening was the bus pull. Pulling the 18 ton tour bus with a harness and rope, Thor Bjornsson used his viking size to win this event. Martin Wildauer was injured during this event, but still has determination for the competition.

 When the thick air cleared, it was Eddie Hall who took the lead for the day. Wildauer’s injury will undoubtedly make the events more challenging for him tomorrow. As Martin Wildauer is the current overall leader, his injury makes the outcome for tomorrow’s events even more uncertain.


Stay tuned as the final results will be determined tomorrow after day two of the MHP Strongman Champions League final comes to a close.


Competitor/Country/SCL Points

1. Eddie Hall – England                                34.5

2. Vidas Blekaitas – Lithuania                      30

3. Krzysztof Radzikowski – Poland              30

4. Hafthor Julius Bjornson – Iceland          29.5

5. J.F. Caron – Canada                                   27.5

6. Martin Wildauer – Austria                       27

7. Dainis Zagaris – Latvia                              27

8. Ole Martin Hansen – Norway                 26

9. Ervin Katona – Serbia                               23

10. Alex Moonen – Netherlands                  19.5

11. Lauri Nami – Estonia                              15

12. Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia                        8

13. LV Xiang – China                                    5

14. Zarol Alfiyan –Malaysia                         3

Malaysia Hosts MHP Strongman Champions League Finals

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


This coming weekend, November 14–15, the finals of the 2014 MHP Strongman Champions League will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Marcel Mostert has set the stage for IronMind.

Austria’s Martin Wildauer comes into the MHP SCL finals as the season leader. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of MHP/SCL

“The strongest men on the planet will fight for the ultimate crown of world champion,” said Mostert.  “After two days and two episodes in Malaysia, and a total of 16 stages all over the world, who wears the crown will be decided, and, on top of the normal prize money, an extra prize of $15,000 (USD) will be given, sponsored by MHP.

“The Top 10 athletes by SCL ranking in 2014, complete with a few wildcards, gives a field of 14 strongmen.

“Big names such as Hafthor Bjornsson, Eddie Hall, Martin Wildauer, Ervin Katona, J.F. Caron and the 2013 world title defender, Krzysztof Radzikowski from Poland will be all there.

“Together with the oldest athlete, Vidas Blekaitis from Lithuania, and the youngest new talent, 21-year old Matjaz Belsak from Slovenia. They will also fight for the last title, the SCL Malaysia 2014.

“Unfortunately Žydrūnas Savickas and Brian Shaw couldn’t come here, despite a wild card invitation by the organization.

“Double points will be given in the finals, which means that the top three still can change for the overall title. Martin Wildauer is the leader at the moment, close followed by Krzysztof Radzikowski and Ervin Katona.  A very exciting and great close finish is expected in Kuala Lumpur.


Competitor /Country/SCL Points :

1.   Martin Wildauer – Austria                           190

2.   Krzysztof Radzikowski – Poland                 165

3.   Ervin Katona – Serbia                                    163

4.   Dainis Zageris – Latvia                                  116

5.   Lauri Nami – Estonia                                     103

6.   Hafthor Julius Bjornson – Iceland              75

7.   Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia                               62

8.   Vidas Blekaitas – Lithuania                          61

9.   Alex Moonen – Holland                                50

10. JF Caron – Canada                                         13

11. Ole Martin Hansen – Norway                       13

12. Eddie Hall – England                                     12

13. LV Xiang – China                                           0

14 Zarol Alfiyan –Malaysia                                 0


“The ultimate final will be done over 7 cruelly heavy events:

Day 1

• Bus Pull (harness and rope)

• Forward Hold (time)

• Car Deadlift (reps)

Day 2

• Wheel flip

• Truck Pull (hand over hand)

• Farmer’s Walk

• Log Lift (reps)


“Who will be the new SCL World Champion 2014, in the MHP Strongman Champions League seventh season and will stand in the same line as the former title holders such as Žydrūnas Savickas , Terry Hollands, Ervin Katona  Andrus Murumets and Krzysztof Radzikowski?


“Come and see, November 14 and 15, at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It will be a spectacular show with an even more spectacular closing ceremony,” said Mostert.

MHP SCL: Rauno Heinla Makes it Two in a Row

 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


Staged in front of a large audience, MHP Strongman Champions League brought 10 top strongman competitors to Estonia this past weekend and then put them through their paces with six challenging events.

Martin Wildauer was second at MHP Strongman Champions League–Estonia, which was good enough for him to maintain his lead in the race for the 2014 season title. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

Hometown hero Rauno Heinla won the competition and Ilkka Kinnunen told IronMind, “Rauno Heinla is in excellent shape.  He won the Lithuanian stage of SCL two weeks ago and now he has his second victory in a row.

“The events were tough. The first event was a medley where the athletes carried a 385-kg Yoke for 10 m, continuing with a 150-kg Farmer’s Walk for 10 m and then ending by carrying a 125-kg IronMind sack [sandbag] for 20m. Top three: Kryzsztof Radzikowski 27.10sec, Martin Wildauer 28.31sec, Markus Mannik 29.10sec.


“Next was the Overhead Medley with five different objects:  Block (100 kg), Log (130 kg), Log (150 kg), Circus Dumbbell (95 kg) and Apollon’s Axle (170 kg). There were only two athletes who succeeded on all five: the two Estonian strongmen, Rauno Heinla and Lauri Nami.  Rauno Heinla did a really fast time of 31.49 sec, followed by Lauri Nami at 49.99sec and third was Vidas Blekaitis with 4 objects in 27.33 sec.


The third event was the Conan’s Circle: 1) Rauno Heinla 57.31m 2) Lauri Nami 56.92m, 3) Vidas Blekaitis 48.71m


The Forward Hold with the original SPX cylinders, 25 kg total and leaning against a pole, was the fourth event. Björn Solvang did the best time (66.82 sec), then Vidas Blekaitis (56.60 sec) and Kryzsztof Radzikowski (53.88 sec).


“The Atlas Stones were next: Starting from 120 kg and ending with 215 kg, with a total of 6 stones. The platform height started from 180 cm. Rauno Heinla did all 6 stones in a very fast time of 32.98 sec, Martin Wildauer was second with 46.76 sec and third was Lauri Nami with 5 stones in a time of 29.26 sec.


“The last event was the Power Stairs (225 kg, 250 kg and 275 kg, with five steps).  Martin Wildauer came up fastest with all 3 blocks in a time of 39.44 sec.  Rauno Heinla was second (41.32sec) and Lauri Nami was third (45 sec).


Final Places

1.           Rauno Heinla                   49

2.           Martin Wildauer               44

3.           Krzysztof Radzikowski      41

4.           Lauri Nami                      41

5.           Vidas Blekaitis                 40

6.           Marku Mannik                 30

7.           Dainis Zageris                 28

8.           J.F. Caron                       27

9.           Bjorn Andre Solvang        18

10.         Arto Niemi Nikkola           12

“By taking second place in the competition, Martin Wildauer kept the yellow Leader shirt, although Kryzsztof Radzikowski, third place, is closing the gap. The organizers Rammumees Marek Tobi, Janek Tobi and Elviira Eessaar and their crew did an excellent job and also big thanks to Andrus Murumets to helping during the competition.


“Next to come is the MHP SCL Malaysia. The Final gives athletes double points, so everything is still open—who will be crowned at the end for MHP SCL Champion 2014?” asked Kinnunen.


MHP SCL Ranking: Top 10


1.           Martin Wildauer – Austria                 190

2.           Krzysztof Radzikowski – Poland      165

3.           Ervin Katona – Serbia                         163

4.           Dainis Zageris – Latvia                       116

5.           Lauri Nämi – Estonia                          103

6.           Hafthor Julius Bjornson – Iceland   75

7.           Rauno Heinla – Estonia                      73

8.           Matjaz Belsak – Slovenia                    62

9.           Vidas Blekaitas – Lithuania               61

10.         Alex Moonen  – Holland                      50

Emphasizing the importance of the battle that is shaping up for the season championships, Marcel Mostert said, “Keep in mind here that Martin Wildauer is in first place for the 2014 SCL World Championships title in Malaysia, leading Krzysztof Radzikowski by 25 point and Ervin Katona by 27 points, but the Malaysia is double points, so the winner gets 50 points. All is possible.”

Also up for SCL is the first broadcast of SCL Zambia this coming Thursday, October 23, at 22.00 hours on Eurosport.

Ervin Katona Wins SCL Croatia

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


Aryn Lockhart was ringside for SCL Croatia and called the action for IronMind.

Ervin Katona completes the 430kg yoke with four ladies along for the ride. Katona wins the MHP Strongman Champions League in Croatia to take back the leader shirt with a one point lead in the overall standings. IronMind® | ©Aryn Lockhart

Ervin Katona conquers the MHP/SCL Leader Shirt Again!

by Ayrn Lockhart// Strongman Rage

The roller coaster that is MHP Strongman Champions League was in full swing this weekend for stage eight in Split, Croatia. In the ongoing battle over the coveted leader shirt, the day was filled with head to head battles in another down-to-the-wire competition.  Battling intense heat of 36 degrees over the course of six events, athletes struggled to stay hydrated and in top form for each event. Despite winning three of the six events, Martin Wildauer, took second for the day two points behind Ervin Katona. Katona won the competition without winning a single event, but placing consistently high.  Katona’s win places the leader shirt back in his hands by the narrowest of margins. He currently holds a one point lead in the overall standings.

“The events went very well for me today. In the last competition in Portugal, I had an injury and ripped the skin off my hands. This week, I am injury free and everything worked,” stated Katona.The competition took place on the harbor RIVA in beautiful, downtown Split. With thousands of spectators, it was a picturesque backdrop for 11 world-class strength athletes. Split also saw the return of Krzysztof Radzikowski after a two-month absence due to a tricep injury.  Despite his absence, he placed an impressive third overall for the day. He too is in the hunt for the leader shirt and plans to make significant ground in the remaining stages ahead. With a smile he stated, “There are still a lot of competitions left.”

The first event for the day was the boat pull. Taking advantage of the perfect location, athletes pulled a boat towards the harbor challenged by both a thick and wet rope, hand over hand. The boat weighed 18,000 kg. Despite the wind and the waves of the sea, it worked out all well because of the perfect skills from Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert who did do these events before in their competitions. Dainis Zagaris, who  celebrated his birthday on competition day, started off on the right foot with a win in this event.

Event two was a 150kg log for reps. Two athletes were pitted against one another. In amazing form both Dainis Zagaris and Matjaž Belšak, tied for the win with seven reps.

The third event was the frame carry. Using the same frame from Serbia, the grip was particularly challenging leaving a few victims with torn hands and unable to finish the event. Martin Wildauer, however, moved with ease taking first with only 18.97 seconds.

The forward hold had a surprise winner with Simon Johnston taking the win with an amazing 45.88 seconds.

The fifth event was the 430kg yoke with four women on each side. Barreling down the 20m course, Martin Wildauer completed this event with an impressive 12.03 seconds running past the finish line to place the ladies down gently

The final event of the day was the car deadlift with 360kg. The Strongman Champions League has resulted in numerous down-to-the-wire competitions and Croatia was no different. Again down to the very last event, Martin Wildauer and Ervin Katona were head to head.  Each athlete was carefully strategizing and reviewing results after each event. Wildauer known for this strength in deadlifts knew he needed the win, but he also needed Katona to place lower in the field.  With a fist pump and the brotherhood of competition, they both set out to make their mark.  The crowd was on the edge of their seats waiting to see who could emerge the winner.  With the final whistle blown, it was Wildauer who won the event with eight reps, but Katona’s six reps were enough to tie for third place and enough points to take the competition.

The next stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League is on 3 August in Poland. It’s likely this roller coaster will not have an end until the finals in Malaysia 8 and 9 November. The athletes will take a week’s rest and come back ready for battle. The heat is on and these athletes are in hot pursuit of the leader shirt.

To see more images from Croatia click here.


Final results:


1.   Ervin Katona                Serbia             53.5

2.   Martin Wildauer            Austria        51.5

3.   Krzysztof Radzikowski   Poland        48.5

4.   Matjaž Belšak              Slovenia          47

5.   Dainis Zageris              Latvia             42.5

6.   Lauri Nami                   Estonia           37

7.   Ole Martin Hansen        Norway       34.5

8.   Simon Johnston            Wales           27.5

9.   Milan Dotlic                 Croatia           16

10. Adin Arnaut                  Bosnia           11

11. Michael Vrilic                Australia       8

Martin Wildauer Takes SCL Lead

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


SCL Portugal produced close battles and a change in overall positions as Martin Wildauer surged to the top of the list.


Martin Wildauer completes six reps in the overhead log event (140 kg).  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL


Martin Wildauer is the new MHP Strongman Champions League Leader After Portugal

by Aryn Lockhart, Strongman Rage


This past weekend in Portugal resulted in a complete shift of the MHP Strongman Champions League leader board with Martin Wildauer (Austria) barely edging out Dainis Zageris (Latvia) for the win. Wildauer’s win launched him from third place into the overall leader position. In the closest SCL to date, Zageris and Wildauer went head to head for each event. The intensity culminated with the two athletes pitted against one another for the tire flip as the deciding event. The competition was so intense and so close that they ended the competition with equal points after six events. With nail-biting anticipation, Wildauer claimed the win after the totals revealed he had won three events and Zageris had won only one.


The first three events were the front hold, 30 kg (66lb.), the 140kg (308lb.) log for reps and hand over hand bus pull with a slight uphill incline that allowed only two athletes to complete the event.  With clear skies and perfect, tropical temperatures, the athletes battled through the first three events and then had a four-hour break coming back to complete the last three events in the evening.


“This was the most intense competition I have ever done,” Martin Wildauer stated. “After the first three events, I was only in fourth place. At that point, my goal was to place within the top three.” Wildauer continued, “The break was just what I needed. I rested and came back ready to go for the win.”


The athletes returned to finish the final three events that evening. The car deadlift for reps (360kg – 792lb.), frame walk of (360kg- 792lb.) for 30 meters and the wheelflip. Wildauer came out in a fury winning all of the evening events.


“This has to be one of the closest competitions we’ve ever had,” stated Marcel Mostert, Strongman Champions League director. “If Dainis Zageris would have been 0.7 seconds faster in the wheel flip, he would have won the competition. That’s how close it was.”


The current leader board has Martin Wildauer with 89 points after seven stages. Ervin Katona is still very much a contender with 83 points and Hafthor Bjornsson has 75 points. The chase is on and it’s an all out war as these top athletes take a short and much needed break. The next stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League will take place on the 19th of July in Croatia.


Portugal final results:


1)     Martin Wildauer – Austria     51(won 3 events)

2)     Dainis Zageris – Latvia           51 (won 1 event)

3)     Lauri Nami – Estonia             46

4)     Ervin Katona – Serbia            45

5)     Simon Johnston – Wales       36

6)     Marcos Ferrrari – Brazil        31

7)     Sergio Fernandez – Spain     24

8)     Aderito Santos – Portugal    15

9)     Luis Batista – Portugal         11

10)  Tim Enersen – Norway         4