Event Date Event Name Country of the Event Status Info
23 March SCL Guinnes Worldrecords ITALY (Milan) Finished
21 March SCL  Germany Qualifier GERMANY (Essen) Finished
09 May SCL Serbia SERBIA ( Subotica) Finished
15 May SCL Finland FINLAND (Helsinki) Finished
06 June SCL Slovakia SLOVAKIA (Bratislava) Finished
14 June SCL Holland HOLLAND (Terborg) Finished
28 June Fortissimus Canada CANADA Finished
06 July SCL Team Championships LITHUANIA Finished
01 August SCL World Record Breakers FINLAND Finished
22 August SCL Teams LATVIA (Riga) Finished
29 Sept. WSM Malta MALTA (Valetta) Finished
10 Okt. SCL Spain SPAIN ( Los Barrios) Finished
18 Okt. SCL England ENGLAND (London) Finished
31 Okt. SCL Hungary HUNGARY Finished
14 Nov. SCL Ukraine SCL UKARAINE  FINALS Finished