Event Date Event Name Country of the Event Status Info
12 Feb. SCL Log Lift World Championships LITHUANIA (Vilnius) Finished
13 March SCL Lapland “Iceman” LAPLAND (Kuusamo) Finished
23 March SCL Guinnes Worldrecords ITALY (Milan) Finished
16 April SCL FIBO Germany GERMANY (Essen) Finished
21 May SCL Serbia SERBIA (Belgrado) Finished
04 June SCL South-Africa SOUTH-AFRICA (Pretoria) Finished
11 June SCL Finland FINLAND (Tampere) Finished
18 June SCL Holland HOLLAND (Ulft) Finished
26 June SCL Bulgaria BULGARIA (Sofia) Finished
12 August SCL Canary Islands CANARY ISLANDS (L.Palmas) Finished
18 August SCL Guinness Records China CHINA (Beiing) Finished
03 Sept. SCL Slovakia SLOVAKIA (Kosice) Finished
29 S./03 Okt SCL Canada CANADA Finished
19 Nov. SCL Latvia LATVIA (Riga) Finished
03/08 Dec, SCL Guinness Records China CHINA (Beiing) Finished
04/02/12 SCL Bosnia BOSNIA (Sarajevo) FINALS Finished