Event Date Event Name Country of the Event Status Info
09 March SCL Lapland LAPLAND ( Ruka) Finished
13 March SCL Guinnes Worldrecords ITALY ( Rome) Finished
18 April SCL Guinnes Worldrecords ITALY ( Rome) Finished
21 April SCL Germany GERMANY ( Essen) Finished
05 May SCL Serbia SERBIA (Novi Sad) Finished
09 June Giants Live Finland FINLAND (Tampere) Finished
17 June Giants Live Hungary HUNGARY(Budapest) Finished
21 June SCL Holland HOLLAND (Zevenaar) Finished
04/09 July SCL Worlds Shanghai Cup CHINA ( Shanghai) Finished
21 July SCL Portugal PORTUGAL (Oporto) Finished
11 August SCL Finland FINLAND (Power Park) Finished
19 August SCL Poland POLAND (Trzebnika) Finished
25 August SCL Russia RUSSIA (Vladivostok) Finished
01 Sept. SCL Gibraltar GIBRALTAR (The Rock) Finished
20 Sept. WSM USA ( los Angeles) Finished
23 Sept. SCL Bulgaria BULGARIA (Bansko) Finished
06 Oct SCL Log Lift Worldchampionships LITHUANIA (Vilnius) Finished
20 Oct. SCL Lithuania (Zydrunas Classic) LITHUANIA (Vilnius) Finished
18 Nov. SCL Martinique MARATINIQUE (Carrib.Isl) FINALS Finished