Event Date Event Name Country of the Event City of the Event Status
04 Jan.  Guinness Records China CHINA Shanghai Finished
15/16 March  SCL Martinique MARTINIQUE Fort de France Finished
05 April  SCL Germany / Fibo Power GERMANY Cologne Finished
25 April  SCL Brutal Edition (Arnolds Brasil) BRASIL Rio de Janeiro Finished
08 May  Guinness Records (start) ITALY Milan/Rome Finished
10 May  SCL Serbia SERBIA Novi Sad Finished
04 June  Guinness Records ITALY Milan /Rome Finished
14/15 June  SCL Finland FINLAND Vaasa Finished
21 June  SCL Holland HOLLAND Doetinchem Finished
28 June  SCL Latvia LATVIA Olaine Finished
04 July  SCL Portugal PORTUGAL Tavira Finished
19 July  SCL Croatia CROATIA Split Finished
03 Aug  SCL Poland POLAND Khartuzy Finished
29 Aug  SCL Hungary HUNGARY GYor Finished
30 Aug  SCL Russia RUSSIA Cancelled
12/13 Sept  SCL Zambia ZAMBIA Lusaka Finished
20 Sept  SCL Romania ROMANIA Sibiu Finished
04 Oct  SCL Lithuania LITHUANIA Vilnius Finished
18 Oct  SCL Estonia ESTONIA Tallin Finished
14/15 Nov  SCL Malaysia MALAYSIA FINALS Kuala Lumpur Finished