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Martin Wildauer Takes SCL Lead

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


SCL Portugal produced close battles and a change in overall positions as Martin Wildauer surged to the top of the list.


Martin Wildauer completes six reps in the overhead log event (140 kg).  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL


Martin Wildauer is the new MHP Strongman Champions League Leader After Portugal

by Aryn Lockhart, Strongman Rage


This past weekend in Portugal resulted in a complete shift of the MHP Strongman Champions League leader board with Martin Wildauer (Austria) barely edging out Dainis Zageris (Latvia) for the win. Wildauer’s win launched him from third place into the overall leader position. In the closest SCL to date, Zageris and Wildauer went head to head for each event. The intensity culminated with the two athletes pitted against one another for the tire flip as the deciding event. The competition was so intense and so close that they ended the competition with equal points after six events. With nail-biting anticipation, Wildauer claimed the win after the totals revealed he had won three events and Zageris had won only one.


The first three events were the front hold, 30 kg (66lb.), the 140kg (308lb.) log for reps and hand over hand bus pull with a slight uphill incline that allowed only two athletes to complete the event.  With clear skies and perfect, tropical temperatures, the athletes battled through the first three events and then had a four-hour break coming back to complete the last three events in the evening.


“This was the most intense competition I have ever done,” Martin Wildauer stated. “After the first three events, I was only in fourth place. At that point, my goal was to place within the top three.” Wildauer continued, “The break was just what I needed. I rested and came back ready to go for the win.”


The athletes returned to finish the final three events that evening. The car deadlift for reps (360kg – 792lb.), frame walk of (360kg- 792lb.) for 30 meters and the wheelflip. Wildauer came out in a fury winning all of the evening events.


“This has to be one of the closest competitions we’ve ever had,” stated Marcel Mostert, Strongman Champions League director. “If Dainis Zageris would have been 0.7 seconds faster in the wheel flip, he would have won the competition. That’s how close it was.”


The current leader board has Martin Wildauer with 89 points after seven stages. Ervin Katona is still very much a contender with 83 points and Hafthor Bjornsson has 75 points. The chase is on and it’s an all out war as these top athletes take a short and much needed break. The next stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League will take place on the 19th of July in Croatia.


Portugal final results:


1)     Martin Wildauer – Austria     51(won 3 events)

2)     Dainis Zageris – Latvia           51 (won 1 event)

3)     Lauri Nami – Estonia             46

4)     Ervin Katona – Serbia            45

5)     Simon Johnston – Wales       36

6)     Marcos Ferrrari – Brazil        31

7)     Sergio Fernandez – Spain     24

8)     Aderito Santos – Portugal    15

9)     Luis Batista – Portugal         11

10)  Tim Enersen – Norway         4

Rafal Kobyaz Wins SCL Latvia

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


The 2014 MHP Strongman Champions League season is in full swing and this past weekend, the action was in Latvia—where Rafal Kobyaz won.

Dainis Zageris repping out with the 380-kg deadlift, the final event at SCL Latvia.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

Staged in Olaines, about 25 km from Lativa, SCL director Ilkka Kinnunen said the weather was beautiful (25 C and sunny), perfect for the crowd of about 2000 that had gathered to watch the event which featured what Kinnenen called “6 very hard disciplines.”


“Weight For Height started the competition,” Kinnunen said. “There were two athletes who were fighting at the end. Austrian Martin Wildauer took the first place with success hight of 5.40m and Rafal Kobyaz was second.


“The next event Viking Press for reps, with165kg. Lithuanian Vidas Blekaitis did an easy12 reps to win the event.  Three athletes were tied for second place with 9 reps.


“Third event: Powerstairs with 6 steps and 225kg, 250kg, 275kg. The winner was Dainis Zageris, who also broke the Latvian record in Powerstairs. The old one was hold by Raimonds Bergmanis.  Rafal Kobyaz was second.


“The Duckwalk with 225kg and Barrel loading was next and Rafal Kobyaz won.


“The fifth event was the Giant Dumbbell: 95kg for reps. This was hard for many athletes. The winner with 5 reps was Vidas Blekaitis and Rafal Kobyaz. Dainis Zageris, with 4 reps, was next.”


Having the Deadlift for reps with 380kg as the final event “pushed the athletes for a limit of their power,” said Kinnunen. “Lot of no lifts was taking place, but strong deadlifters like Martin Wildauer and Dainis Zageris had successful lifts of 5 reps and Vidas Blekaitis and Rafal Kobyaz 4 reps.


“Once again, MHP SCL Thanks the Latvian organizer and their sponsors for a great competition. Next weekend the MHP SCL continues in Faro, Portugal, so stay tuned!”


Overall results:


1.    RAFAL KOBYAZ             56,5p

2.    Vidas Blekaitis                52p

3.    Martin Wildauer             51p

4.    Dainis Zageris                 50,5p

5.    Dizis Zarinis                    45,5p

6.    Ervin Katona                   30p

7.    Lauri Nami                      27p

8.    Aivars Smaukstelis        22p

9.    Arto Niemi Nikkola       20p

10.  Oskars Martunaz           10p

11.  Kevin Larsen                   7,5p

Hafthor Wins SCL Holland, Claims Leader Shirt

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


Hafthor Julius Bjornsson—three words that mean Wins in Strongman, as the Icelander took the title and the leader’s shirt at the MHP Strongman Champions League–Holland this weekend.  Aryn Lockart called the action for IronMind.


“The ‘Mountain is on top, winning MHP Strongman Champions League Holland and claiming the SCL ‘Leader’ shirt,” reported Aryn Lockart.  IronMind® | photo by Strongman Rage


Hafthor Dominates SCL–Holland

by Aryn Lockhart

Strongman Rage


On Saturday in an intense battle at the fifth stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League in Holland, Thor Björnsson claimed the leader shirt from Ervin Katona. Katona has held the leader position since stage one in St. Martinque back in March. Holland was Thor’s third consecutive win, tying Zydrunas Savickas for the most wins in a row. With perfect weather, the crowd was pumped to see 14 of the strongest men in the world battle through six events testing their ultimate strength.


“This really changes the game,” stated Marcel Mostert, SCL Director. “The competition is fierce at the moment with Katona slipping to second place in the overall standings and Martin Wildauer close behind in third poised and ready to move up in the rankings.”


The day started off with the truck pull. Pulling a 14 ton truck with nothing but a harness, athletes dug in. The best time was 40.99 seconds  by Thor Björnsson.


The second event was the log with 150kg for reps. With a slightly uneven surface, the athletes went head to head struggling for each rep. The final results of this event ended with Mikkel Leicht from Sweden and Grzegorz Szymanski, the new polish future,  completing six reps for the win.


The third event was the yoke weighing 420kg. Without the ability to adjust the height of the yoke, this made for a real challenge for the taller athletes. In typical strongman fashion, despite being competitors, Katona worked with Björnsson offering tips to help the giant. In an amazing display of speed and strength the winner of this event was Marius Lalas with 13,87  seconds. Close behind was Jarno Hams from Holland in second place with 14.51 sec.


Loading was the fourth event. Carrying two textile rolls and two kegs each weighing 100kg onto a platform, athletes battled head to head for the fastest time. Maneuvering the awkward rolls it was a race to the platform sprinting back and forth. The winner of this event was again Marius Lalas with 32.94 seconds.


The next event was the tire flip. Flipping a 420kg tire eight times, Björnson’s size gave him a serious advantage taking this event with only 26.48 seconds.


The final event of the day was the atlas stones with weights of 140kg, 160kg, 170kg, and finishing with 180kg for varying heights. Again Thor was explosive completing this event in a mere 18.03 seconds over two full seconds ahead of Marius Lalas who’s time was 20.76 seconds. In his second SCL, Lalas had an impressive showing placing fifth overall.


After an injury, Katona was unable to continue after the log. He plans to rest and recover for the next battle in Latvia. Krzysztof Radzikowski was on hand, but did not compete. He’s currently recovering from his tricep surgery, but gaining strength by the day. He came to support Poland’s representative, Grzegorz Szymanski, who took an impressive second for the day. Third place went to Alex Moonen from Holland.


The new future from Holland, Niels Gordijn, came in 6th place in this tough field. It was an impressive showing for his first international strongman competition.


For Jarno Hams, who placed7th with a minor injury, it was possibly the last Champions League competition in his career. He is training hard for his last fight, the Dutch nationals, which will be held on 12 July. Hams is seeking his 8th title in Holland which would be one more than Berend Veneberg, former strongman and European strongman from Holland with seven titles.


The battle for first overall within the MHP Strongman Champions League is heating up. The competitors are hungry as the season is in full swing. Competitions in Latvia the 28th of June and Portugal on the 4th of July are up next. It’s an all out battle for the top spot so stay tuned as the action unfolds. You can find all the latest here on IronMind.


Images from SCL Holland can be found here:


MHP Strongman Champions League Holland final results:


1.    THOR BJÖRNSSON—Iceland                     74

2.    GRZEGORZ SZYMANSKI—Poland           66.5

3.    ALEX MOONEN—Holland                          56.5

4.    LAURI NAMI—Estonia                                 54.5

5.    MARIUS LALAS—Lithuania                        52.5

6.    NIELS GORDIJN—Holland                         51.5

7.    JARNO HAMS—Holland                              50

8.    DAINIS ZAGERIS—Latvia                          44

9.    MARTIN WILDAUER—Austria                 43.5

10.  MICHAEL BLUMSTEIN—Germany         42

11.  MIKKEL LEICHT—Denmark                     38.5

12.  FUAD HSAINI – Morocco                          20

13.  KEVIN LARSEN—Norway                         17.5

14.  ERVIN KATONA – Serbia                           17 – Injured.

Hafthor Wins SCL Finland—Marius Lalas is Runner-up

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


“The second day of the MHP Strongman Champions League Finland started just like first with sunny weather and around 5,000 people was coming to watch who would be crowned as a Champion in Vaasa.


Hafthor Julius Bjornsson notched a win at SCL Finland this weekend.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL


“The deadlift for reps with 350 kg opened the second day of competition. The bar was 2 cm lower than a normal bar, which of course made the lift even harder. There were three athletes sharing the first position with 8 reps: Marius Lalas, Rauno Heinla and J.F. Caron. Dainis Zageris and Martin Wildauer made 7 reps. After first event, Rauno Heinla took the overall lead.


“Next was the Forward Hold with 25 kg, back against the wall. The Finnish Viking Antti Mourujärvi showed that he is still one of the best in the event, doing time of 57.88 seconds. Lauri Nami was second with 55.75 seconds and third, the new future Finnish strongman star, 24-year old Arto Niemi Nikkola with 53.25 seconds. Rauno Heinla´s time of 41.17sec. put him in 11th position in the Forward Hold, changing the leader before the last event.


“The House Frame carry (350 kg, 18m) plus three IronMind sacks with 100 kg loaded to 125-cm platform, each carried a 5-m distance, was the last competition event in MHP SCL Vaasa.


T”hor Björnsson who was leading after the last events showed his Icelandic power as he won the final event in a time of 25.31 seconds. Marius Lalas gave Thor a good fight stopping the watch in time of 26.72seconds and third was Rauno Heinla, at 29.00 seconds.


Strongman Champions League thanks the City Of Vaasa their support and all the other sponsors, as well.


Overall points


1.   Hafthor Björnsson                 58p

2.    Marius Lalas                          55p

3.    Rauno Heinla                        53,5p

4.    Martin Wildauer                   52,5p

5.    lauri Nami                              49,5p

6.    J.F. Caron                               47,5p

7.    Dainis Zageris                        37,5p

8.    Ervin Katona                         32p

9.    Arto Niemi Nikkola              27,5p

10.    Antti Mourujärvi                26p

11.    Kevin Larsen                        17p

12.    Patrick Odwyer                   5p


“Next weekend: MHP SCL Holland,” said Kinnunen.


Here’s a guy to watch in the future: Marius Lalas, the younger brother of Vytautas.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL