BREAKING NEWS 12 June 2019

BREAKING NEWS 12 June 2019


“TuffWraps has become the Official Strength Kit supplier and a primary sponsor of the Strongman Champions League” ,

and TuffWraps is excited to announce that with immediate effect it is now the official supplier to the SCL (Strongman Champions League) for all sleeves, wrist wraps, and strength gear.  


TuffWraps is a worldwide strength gear and fitness apparel brand, that reminds the world and us that we are all resilient through the difficult times and can overcome the challenging situations that we experience physically, emotionally or mentally – we remain TUFF.  This is life. 

It is about harnessing the never give in, never give up attitude that we all have inside of us as human beings.

With this as our belief, we feel supporting the SCL, which can only be described as the premier league of strength sports, goes hand in hand with our brand outlook.  The SCL is a complete series of 16 international competitions, with the best champions from around the world, battling it out to be the victor.  The competition venues are hand chosen and the best each country has to offer, with the signature events taking inspiration from the countries very own traditional elements.


The SCL is not only a spectacular competition on site, but it is also the only worldwide televised competition league on multiple media platforms available to view in over 90 countries.

With this proud new relationship, TuffWraps and the SCL look towards a bright future working together to be able to drive the sport of Strongman further than ever on a global stage.


UK / Europe –

USA / Rest of world –


See Tuffwraps in SCL Holland- coming Saturday 15 June – 13.00 hours in ULFT -HOLLAND



1) Dainis Zageris, Latvia

2) Luke Herrick, USA                                                                            

3) Mika Torro, Finland

4) Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland

5) Konrad Karwat, Poland

6) Sean O Hagan, Ireland

7) Ryan Jesus, England UK        

8) Will Baggott, UK

9) Aurelien Le Jeune, France

10) Dennis Kohlruss, Germany

11) Johan Espenkrona, Sweden

12) Alex Moonen, Holland

13) Kelvin de Ruiter, Holland

14) Vlad Buda, Holland


Strongman Champions League powered by TUFFWRAPS