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DATE: 01 / 12 / 2017

Watching Matjaz Belsak’s winning quest throughout the year, it was very difficult to image how he could be stopped on his way to the ultimate championship title in 2017. Fierce hard worker, always striving for improvement and further progress, this Slovenian power athlete arrived to the World Finals in Mexico with one single purpose. The rest is history.

Belsak dominated in almost every discipline in the event, except “Car Deadlift” (won by J.F Caron with 10 repetitions), “Front Hold” (first place for Luke Herrick) and “One-Arm Kettlebell Throw” (where Dennis Kohlruss registered 5.10m with 26kg weight). Matjaz was absolutely unbelievable in the dumbbell discipline and as a result he set a new world record – 14 repetition for 60 seconds with 95kg weight. In addition Belsak was ahead of everyone in “Carry and Drag”, “Bus Pull” and “The Medley”.

The champion for 2016 Dainis Zageris tried to catch up with the tempo, but in the end he finished the competition 3th with 71.5 pts. After he almost made it to the Top 3 podium last year, in 2017’s World Finals the mighty J.R Caron from Canada at last took his well-deserved silved medal.

MLO would like to express deep gratitude to our partners from Strongman Champions League and to all the strongman athletes, involved in season 2017. It’s been a pleasure and privilege to work with such professionalists and genuinely great guys as you!


  1. Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia – 83.5 pts
  2. Jean-Francois Caron, Canada – 76.5 pts
  3. Dainis Zageris, Latvia – 71.5 pts
  4. Alex Moonen, Holland – 62 pts
  5. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany – 58.5 pts
  6. Aivars Smaukstelis, Latvia – 57.5 pts
  7. Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland – 54 pts
  8. Luke Herrick, USA – 49.5 pts
  9. Sean O’Hagan, Ireland – 42.5 pts
  10. Will Baggott, England – 33.5 pts
  11. О. Chavez, Mexico – 20.5 pts
  12. Juan Ballesteros, Mexico – 13.5 pts


DATE: 16 / 11 / 2017

In the land, considered by many, as the ancient cradle of sports, an epic strongman battle decided the fate of the finalists in the “World Series”. With their excellent results Dainis Zageris, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Dennis Kohlruss, Luke Herrick and Sean O’Hagan qualified for the last stage of MLO SCL in Mexico, where we will find out who is going to be the 2017’s champion of the strongest league.

Last Saturday in Corinth more that 5000 people witnessed one of the best-organized competitions in the calendar of SCL. The local hosts demontrated real olympic traditions in event management, allowing the athletes to enjoy to the fullest Greece’s beauty, nature and delicious food. And thank God the winners had indeed big arms so that they were able to hold their several trophies, appompanied by the traditional for this country laurel wreath.

The show started with the discipline Truck Pull, which was probably the hardest for the athletes since the terrain was quite slippery and the “weight” – a 15 tons brand new Volvo truck. Then the time came for some Log Lifts, with Dainis Zageris and Krzysztof Radzikowski both making the top result of 6 reps. In the Car Deadlift as usual Zageris was without competition, leaving his opponents way behind his back. Dennis Kohlruss and his stunning performance in the team discipline Conan’s wheel pushed him among the Top 3 and during the final event (Loading ) he faced Dainis Zageris in the duel for the first place. Here the Latvian titan displayed amazing speed and carrying techniques that fortified his champion status.

The final stage of MLO SCL “World Series” will be held in Chetumal, Mexico on 24/25/26 November.


  1. Dainis Zageris, Latvia – 52.5 pts
  2. Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland – 44.5 pts
  3. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany – 43.5 pts
  4. Oleksii Novikov, Ukraine – 37.5 pts
  5. Phil Roberts, England – 37.5 pts
  6. Luke Herrick, USA – 37 pts
  7. Jarno Kirselä, Finland – 33.5 pts
  8. Sean O’Hagan, Ireland – 27.5 pts
  9. Enzo Tauro, Holland – 26.5 pts
  10. Will Baggott, England – 26 pts
  11. Rich DeStefani, USA – 19 pts
  12. Aurelien Le Jeune, France –


DATE: 13 / 10 / 2017

With only two months left till the grand final in MLO Strongman Champions League, you can bet that from now on every stage of these series will be more than crucial.

In the latest Curacao event, the title-holder in 2016 – Dainis Zageris, again showed beyond doubt how when it is not troubled by traumas, his body is unstoppable. True to the strategy he has been following in most of his victorious contests, Zageris won his crown discipline Car Deadlift, where he literally blew away his rivals, and in the other rounds managed to qualify between second and forth place. That’s how “The Titan” overall final result pumped up to 53 points, making him the Strongman conquer of sunny Curacao.

A lot could be said also about Kevin Faires, who finished second. After his richly decorated career in 105 kg League, from 2017 Kevin is competing side by side with the leaders in SLC and he indeed gives them a really hard time. Positively, Fairis was the most pleasant surprise in Curacao and his performance on Mambo Beach will long be praised and talked about. Meanwhile, Kevin’s fellow American Luke Herrick added to his records another well-deserved bronze medal, just like he did earlier this year in MLO SCL Norway.

Honorable mentions as well for Jimmy Paquet – winner in the discipline Front Hold and Tiago Aparecido from Brasil with his outstanding mastery in what turned out to be the ultimately spectacular event in Curacao – Team Rope Pull On Sand.

The next stage of MLO SCL is Jordan Worlchampionships Truckpull, on 20 October


  1. Dainis Zageris, Latvia – 53 pts
  2. Kevin Faires, USA – 47 pts
  3. Luke Herrick, USA – 45 pts
  4. Tiago Aparecido, Brasil – 42.5 pts
  5. Jimmy Paquet, Canada – 40.5 pts
  6. Alex Moonen, Holland – 40 pts
  7. Marcos Ferrari, Brasil – 35 pts
  8. Niko Vesterinen, Finland – 35 pts
  9. Enzo Tauro, Holland – 34.5 pts
  10. Sean O’Hagan, Ireland – 32 pts


DATE: 19 / 09 / 2017

Situated in the very heart of the Carpathian Mountains, Sibiu is a Romanian town, where you can really enjoy the perfect mix of nature, history and urban beauty. As a bonus, the climate here is pleasantly mild, offering some of the best weather conditions for a strongman event around Europe. All this, without doubt, set the mood for the high results and showtime vibes in Stage 11 of Strongman Champions League.

The competition in Sibiu was organized in six different disciplines. The first one – Car Hold, was dominated by Sucman Rodion, who managed to take an early lead against his main opponents and with few strategic moves later in the game, he succeeded in winning the 3th place.

However, the focal point in the event was the discipline Atlas Stones. Throughout the whole tournament Aivars Smaukstelis showed steady scores that kept him in the front line of the ranking, but it was in Atlas Stones where his first big victory in MLO SCL was forged. The Latvian strongman and Alex Moonen from Holland both put on display their amazing strength and spirit, once they faced the heaviest rounded weights. Still, the advantage this day was on Smaukstelis’ side and his victory in the discipline crowned him as the winner of MLO SCL Romania 2017.

The silver went to Phil Roberts from England, who this time made his way to the top 3, after he finished 4th in MLO SCL Serbia earlier this year.

The next round of MLO SCL will take place in Curacao, on 8 October


  1. Aivars Smaukstelis, Latvia – 48.5 pts
  2. Phil Roberts, England – 42.5 pts
  3. Sucman Rodion, Moldova – 41.5 pts
  4. Alex Moonen, Holland – 39.5 pts
  5. Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland – 37.5 pts
  6. Daniel Gracia, UK – 37.5 pts
  7. Mika Torro, Finland – 34.5 pts
  8. Vladimir Comorovschi, Romania – 32.5 pts
  9. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany – 28.5 pts
  10. Erik Karácsondi, Hungary – 23.5 pts




21 August 2017 -By MLO Nutrition

This season is going pretty much flawless for Matjaz Belsak, who last weekend managed to extend his gold medal collection with one more trophy. The event in Vaasa quicky became a real test for the athletes due to the harsh weather conditions. The chilly temperature and pouring rain on Day 1 raised the level of difficulty in every single discipline, allowing the participants to show what a true strongman is made of – uncompromising determination, fierce self-control and huge heart.

Matjaz Belsak, and this goes without saying, displayed again an array of great skills and techniques. His energy throughout the competition kept him on top of the ranking and his final result of 80.5 points – 11 more than the second Dainis Zageris (69.5), represented well the actual ratio of forces in Finland.

Zageris, the champion of MLC SCL 2016, made a great comeback after he had to miss a couple of strongman events this year in order to recover properly from a health ailment. In Vaasa The Latvian Titan seemed more than satisfied to redeem his place amongst the top three athletes and beat with just half a point Krzysztof Radzikowski (69) in the battle for the silver medal.


  1. Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia – 80.5 pts
  2. Dainis Zageris, Latvia – 69.5 pts
  3. Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland – 69 pts
  4. Gunnar Gimbutas, Estonia – 60.5 pts
  5. Antti Mourujarvi, Finland – 59 pts
  6. Rich DeStefani, USA – 50 pts
  7. Alex Moonen, Holland – 48 pts
  8. Dennis Kohlruss, Germany – 48 pts
  9. Sean O’Hagan, Ireland – 46 pts
  10. Daniel Gracia, UK – 36.5 pts



28 July -2017 by MLO Nutrition:

Canada’s Strongest Man Jean-Francois Caron celebrates his debut in MLO SCL Canada with remarkable victory over 2017 MLO Strongman Champions League leader Matjaz Belsak. In fact, this was Caron`s second win from two starts! Success in Canada shuttles him to 4th place in 2017 MLO SCL overall standings with 50 points.

Matjaz Belsak who saw his fragile lead after Day 1 diminished by Caron, wasn`t very upset in the end, because the second place extended his overall advantage to 41 pts. ahead of his closest rival, Graham Hicks of England, after first 6 stages of this year`s MLO Strongman Champions League.

Belsak literally made home crowd wild, after setting new World Record in 102,5 kg. Dumbbell One Arm Press with 9 repetitions in 60 seconds! This however, wasn`t enough to stay on top of the field after decisive wins of JF Caron in Overhead keg throw and Farmer`s walk. The second best Canadian, Jimmy Paquet, show strong display in all events to finish 3rd on podium, just 1.5 points behind of Belsak.

Now MLO SCL Tour returns in Europe, with the next round in Vaasa, Finland to be held on 19/20 August.


  1. Jean-Francois Caron, Canada – 75 pts.
  2. Matjaz Belsak, Slovenia – 69 pts.
  3. Jimmy Paquet, Canada – 67.5 pts.
  4. Sean O’Hagan, Ireland – 56 pts.
  5. Stefan Solvi Petursson, Iceland – 52.5 pts.
  6. Lucain Herrick, USA – 42.5 pts.
  7. Spenser Remick, USA – 40.5 pts.
  8. Terry Hollands, England – 39.5 pts.
  9. Will Baggott, England – 32 pts.
  10. Aurelien Le Jeune, France – 17pts.
  11. Alex Moonen, Holland – 8.5 pts. (Injury)



22July 2017 – By MLO Nutrition

On July 22th the beautiful mountain resort Zlatibor in Serbia became a witness of Matjaz Belsak’s latest triumph as he achieved his third win in MLO Strongman Champion League this year.Even though Matjaz did make some small mistakes in the course of the event, in the end his remarkable strength skills and professionalism saved the day. Belsak ended the competition with 57 points, closely followed by Kevin Faires from USA whose result of 55.5 points granted him the silver medal.Belsak and Faires were actually a very powerful duo in the team discipline “One hand dumbbell press with 100 kg”, where the strongest Slovenian nowadays gave an outstanding performance. The bronze medal in MLO SCL Serbia 2017 landed in the massive hands of Aivars Smaukstelis from Latvia – another athlete with amazing set of qualities and unquestionable potential for future victories in the League.The overall impression from the show in Serbia was more than good. All of the participants were in great sport shape and the rivalry in the different disciplines, especially in the “Car Deadlift”, is a sure promise for even more exciting and tough stages of Strongman Champion League in 2017.FINAL RESULTS FROM MLO SCL SERBIA 2017:

  1. Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia) – 57 pts
  2. Kevin Faires (USA) – 55.5 pts
  3. Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia) – 52 pts
  4. Phil Roberts (England) – 44.5 pts
  5. Nemo Tasic (Austria) – 41 pts
  6. Stoyan Todorchev (Bulgaria) – 41 pts
  7. Akos Nagy (Hungary) – 39 pts
  8. Will Baggott (England) – 34 pts
  9. Vladimir Comorovschi (Romania) – 29 pts
  10. Roberto Rodriguez (Spain) – 27pts

The next round of MLO SCL will take place in Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada on 27/28 July


Matjaz Belsak wins SCL Holland  

Matjaz Belsak won his second SCL event of the 2017 tour when he claimed the victory at the MLO Strongman Champions League Holland. IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL Holland
Matjaz Belsak won his second SCL event of the 2017 tour when he claimed the victory at the MLO Strongman Champions League Holland. IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL Holland

“After a few years of competing in the MLO Strongman Champions League, Matjaz Belsak seens to have his body in control now as he won his second SCL stage ever, the SCL Holland 2017,” SCL director Marcel Mostert told IronMindThis is is Belsaak’s second SCL victory on the 2017 tour, as he won the SCL Fibo in Germany earlier this year.

“It is always a very tough competition in Holland and this year we created a new event, the Chain Pull, and Matjaz did a fantastic job to win it,” said Mostert. Grzegorz Szymanski  was second and Alex Moonen was third.
“The contest was very exiting until the last moment, with Graham Hicks in the lead, but he dropped down to fifth place overall during the last event: Loading Medley. And moving the opposite direction, Alex Moonen went from fifth to third because of his strong performance in this event.

“Dennis Kohlruss from Germany got 4th place overall again, same as in previous stage, SCL Lithuania.
“Eric Dawson was a bit disappointing as title defender from last year, he became 7th this year, but the new Finn, Mika Torro, had a great debut in his first SCL ever as the 207 cm high ‘El Toro’ finished 9th place overall and he was very happy with that.Great event overall, exciting and a big crowd as usual—next year a new chance, with Matjaz as title defender.

Final standings

1. Matjaz Belsak Slovenia 60.5
2. Grzegorz Szymanski Poland 57
3. Alex Moonen Holland 55
4. Dennis Kohlruss Germany 53
5. Graham Hicks England 52.5
6. Aivars Smaukstelis Latvia 52
7. Eric Dawson U.S.A. 46
8. Enzo Tauro Holland 40
9. Mika Torro Finland 36
10. Sean O’Hagan Ireland 35
11. Lauri Nami Estonia 27 Eliminated after 5 events
12. Jorgen Auckland Norway 21 Eliminated after 5 events
13. Randolf Pander Holland 10 Eliminated after 3 events
14. Marionchello Soleana Curacao 9 Eliminated after 3 events

“The next and 5th stage of the MLO strongman Champions League will be at 22 July in Serbia.
See you there,” said Mostert.


Eric Dawson to defend his title at the SCL HOLLAND

At 17th of June , the SCL holland will find place in Lichtenvoorde, at 13.00 hours.14 Athletes over 6 heavy events will compete.Eric Dawson USA (2)                                                              Startlist – SCL HOLLAND 2017   1) Alex Moonen Holland – Champion of the Netherlands 20162) Jitse Kramer Holland – No. 2 of the Netherlands 20163) Enzo Tauro Holland – No. 3 of the Netherlands 20164) Aivars Smaukstelis Latvia – Winner 2 SCL stages 20165) Graham Hicks England – Holder World Record LOG FIBO 2017 – Leader SCL6) Gregorz Shymanski Poland – Winner SCL Holland 20157) Sean O Hagan Ireland – Greatest Strongest Man in World / 212 Cm8) Lauri Nami Estonia – 8th pl SCL Finals 20169) Eric Dawson USA – Winner SCL Holland 2016 (title defender in Holland)10) Jorgen Auckland Norway – Strongest Man of Norway 201611) Mika Torro Finland – New Talent Finland / 207 cm / 172 kg12) Marionchello Curacao – Strongest Man Curacao13) Matjaz Belsak Slo – Winner SCL Germany 2017 /3rd World Finals Dubai 2016

14) Dennis Kohlruss Germany – 3 pl SCL Germany 2017



News source: MLO NUTRITION

Equipped as usual with his trademark characteristics – super motivation, fierce spirit and impressive stamina, Matjaž Belšak from Slovenia was without any doubt the rightful champion of MLO SCL GERMANY FIBO. His total score of 71 points left little chance for catching up in the final ranking for Tom Stoltmen who finished second with 58 points and Dennis Kohlruss who grabbed the bronze with 55.5 points.

A definite highlight in this SCL Stage 2 was that last weekend in Germany for the first time Strongman Champions League introduced its new rules. 14 athletes start each competition. After the first three disciplines, two of them drop out – those with the lowest scores.

The other 12 athletes left are divided into 6 teams. The 4th discipline in the competition is between the teams and after its end again the two teams with the fewest points are out.

This is how to the final stage proceed only 8 athletes. As a matter of fact, it was exactly the team discipline – Double Push Pull, that turned out to be the most spectacular and compelling for the crowds that gathered to cheer some of the most powerful men on the planet.

The other hugely anticipated event was won by Graham Hicks who set a New World Record on the biggest log in the world. Hicks’ achievement came as quite a nice and unexpected surprise because his result was with 1 kg above the previous best score, held by Krzysztof Radzikowski (the Polish star missed the competition because of an injury on his biceps). The MLO SCL event in Germany was boosted also by the presence of the acclaimed in the strongman circles names of Mark Felix and Danis Zageris who closed the final top 5.

The next stage of MLO SCL will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, on May 13. Hope to see you there!


  1. Matjaž Belšak (Slovenia) – 71 pts
  2. Tom Stoltmen (Scotland) – 58 pts
  3. Dennis Kohlruss (Germany) – 55.5 pts
  4. Mark Felix (England) – 54 pts
  5. Dainis Zageris (Latvia) – 50 pts
  6. Raffael Gordzielik (Germany) – 45 pts
  7. Enzo Tauro (Netherlands) – 42 pts
  8. Alex Moonen (Netherlands) – 37.5 pts

Graham Hicks Wins SCL Log Lift World Championships

Source: Starting Strongman

HixxySCLLogLiftThis is a big weekend for Strongman with Worlds Strongest Man making most of the headline but let us not forget the rest of the big events happening all over the world including the Strongman Champions League Log Lift World Championships that was won by Graham Hicks with a best lift of 192.5kg/423.5lbs under tough conditions.

Graham bested Vidas Blekaitis and Vytatus Lalas who took 2nd and third respectively so the competition was tough to say the least.

The Log Lift World Championships were a part of Strongman Champions League Lithuania were the overall placings were:

Name Result Points
1. Graham Hicks  England 192.5 12
2. Vidas Blekaitis LIthuania 180 10.5
3. Vytautas Lalas Lithuania 180 10.5
4. Alex Moonen  Holland 170 7.5
5. Dennis Kohlruss  Germany 170 7.5
6. Jiri Vytiska  Czech 170 7.5
7. Marcin Sendwicki  Poland 170 7.5
8. Martynas Brusokas  Lith 167 5
9. Jared Leask  South Africa 165 4
10. Ivan Makarov  Georgia 160 2
11. Oskars Martuzans Latvia 160 2
12. Will Baggott  England 160 2


105 SCL Qualifiers in South Africa 

Media ReleaseRand Show 2017Friday 14 – Sunday 23 April 2017Johannesburg Expo Centre, NasrecFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASERand Show to host international Strongman Champions League qualifier This April, the Rand Show will be the venue for a mighty clash of modern-day Samsons at a prestigious MLO Strongman Champions League (SCL) qualifier event, only the second time ever that an SCL event has been held on South African soil.The Strongman Champions League (SCL) is the biggest strongman league in the world. It holds 16 stages or competitions throughout the year in 16 countries around the globe, broadcasting its events in over 95 countries to almost a billion households.The event taking place at the Rand Show on 15 and 16 April 2017 is a qualifier for the U/105 kg World Championship 2017, which will be held in Finland from 9-10 September. The winner of the SA event will guarantee himself a place in this top event and a shot at the title of SCL World’s Strongest Man U/105 kg.Each year, the SA Strongman Union hosts a number of qualifiers around the country in the build-up to the finals. The Rand Show has played host to a number of these qualifiers in years gone by, but this year, it is proud to host the final national event: SA’s Strongest Man 2017.

On Friday 14 April, the ladies kick off the Rand Show’s strength competitions as they compete for the title of SA’s Strongest Woman 2017, starting at 10 am.The SA Strongman Union has also scooped a major Strongman Champions League event for South Africa and the Rand Show. On 15 and 16 April 2017 at the Rand Show, the prestigious Strongman Champions League will hold a qualifier for the U/105 kg World Championship 2017 that takes place in Finland from 9-10 September. The winner of this SA qualifier will guarantee himself a place in this top event and a shot at the title of SCL World’s Strongest Man U/105 kg. Five top U/105 kg international athletes will join a number of South Africa’s strongest men to compete in this highly anticipated event. All this muscle-flexing action is just part of the lineup of top-class entertainment at this year’s Rand Show. South Africa’s biggest consumer expo is the only show to offer attractions covering everything from sport, motoring, military, and science and technology, to design, animals, gardening, health and beauty, and variety shows … there’s an entire day out for the whole family packed into each Rand Show ticket.Visit to find out about what’s on this year at the Rand Show. WHEN, WHERE, HOW MUCH? The Rand Show runs from Friday, 14 April to Sunday, 23 April 2017, from 9 am to 7 pm (last entry at 6 pm), at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec (GPS – S26°14.484’ E27°58.510). There is ample secure paid parking at the venue, with visible policing


JF Caron Wins SCL Norway 2017 – The Strongest Viking!

Top Canadian strongman J-F Caron won the dramatic and prestigious SCL Norway competition at the Fefor Hotel in Vinstra, Norway. IronMind® | ©Liv Maren M. Vold photo
Top Canadian strongman J-F Caron won the dramatic and prestigious SCL Norway competition at the Fefor Hotel in Vinstra, Norway. IronMind® | ©Liv Maren M. Vold photo

Canada’s Jean-Francois Caron won the kickoff stage of the 2017 MLO Strongman Champions League season.

The Strongest Viking 2017
by Kikki Berli-Johnsen

OSL Gardermoen arrival area and customs was bustling with the normal humming from hundreds of people, their trolleys and an occasional child in a screaming frenzy. The passengers from DH 4075 origin Ireland entered the area. People stopped… children went silent… almost everyone glanced over at the 7foot giant that entered.

The three blind people with white canes did not look, of course, but they started to wave their canes around to find out what happened to all the people. MLO Strongman Champions League was soon to begin – the first giant had landed. 

Friday morning all twelve athletes has arrived at Fefor High Mountain Hotel, this beautiful old hotel in the majestic mountains over the village Vinstra in Norway. The guys all were a bit on the edge; ready to show the world who the strongest Viking is. Still, they laughed, made jokes on the behalf of each other – just like strongmen do when they are together.

The plan was that the first event, front hold, was to be held Friday night, but due to insufficient light Marcel and Ilkka decided to postpone the event to the next day. The athletes suddenly got another 15 hours to eat and relax, and man, did they eat and relax. That is, by the way, not difficult to do at Fefor.
Saturday raised with -10 degrees Celsius (14 F) and partly cloudy weather. The athletes ate their breakfast, and the atmosphere was clearly marked with pressure. First event was to start at 11:00 AM, and at the exact time the first athlete was ready. Bjorn Andre Solvang from Norway was the first athlete out, and as one of the best front holders in the world he got to set the standard for the event. He stood for 48 second, and only two athletes held the 29 kg timber log with chains on longer than him.

Next event was boat pull. A Viking long boat was to be pulled 25 meters as fast as possible. This boat is not very heavy, but because of the snow it is hard to get to move, and it’s hard to get a good grip for the shoes in the snow. Several of the spikes was ruined during the runs, and that made the pull even harder. Both Will Baggot from England and Lucain Herrick had looked forward this event, and both did a very good pull. 

The big Swede, Johan Espenkrona, lost the spikes on his right foot just after start, but still finished the run pretty well.

After two events, the TV-crew filmed the entrance of the athletes. 30 wild Viking kids attacked the athletes together with the fierce Viking fighters, while the Fakir blew his flames and the Vikings drummed their drums.

Third event was that brutal timber yoke you all have seen pictures of. A 7 meter (23”) log was placed on top of the frame, and all together it weighed 412 kg (908 lb.). The yoke was to be carried for 20 meters (65.6 ft.) as fast as possible. 

With this length of the log it was very hard for the athletes to find the balance. Jorgen Aukland from Norway showed that when he didn’t find the balance, and almost beheaded the audience on his way. Morten Lund from Denmark scared everyone when he just collapsed under the yoke. Everyone thought he had fainted, but what happened was that his knee got twisted, so he couldn’t walk. Still he got up and finished the run. Lucain had the most awesome run of them all with 11.11 second on the snow and ice, and won the event.

Fourth event was Viking press. 165 kg in hand should be pressed as many times as possible. Viking press is not a good event for very tall people, and we could see that it was hard for Sean who had to start in a squat position before he pressed. Still he did well. Everyone expected good pressing from Bjorn Solvang. He did 11 reps, and was happy with that until both Lucain and Krzysztof did 13 reps, and shared the event victory.

Then it was the power stairs. Three implements, weighing 200, 220 and 230 kg should be moved up four steps as fast as possible. Every Norwegian present knew that Jorgen Aukland is extremely good at this event, but this time he had to see himself beaten by Krzysztof. All guys did well at this event, and this year no one stumbled down the stairs on the way down.

Last event was the atlas stones. Four stones from 120 to 180 kg were to be loaded on to a 130-cm high platform in the shortest time. Not a very hard task—except when the temperature is -10 C/14 F, and when no tacky is made for this kind of temperatures. Krzysztof was not happy with this event last year, and he wasn’t happier this year either. The difference was that this year he didn’t nag about it all the time.

This year the athletes were smart and stayed in the athletes’ tent as close to their turn to lifting as possible. That way they made sure that the tacky stayed soft longer, and it also made more of the athletes lift three or four stones. Poor Antti struggled with really bad back pain, so he only lifted one stone, and fastest of them all was the new and very strong Norwegian strongman, Ole Martin Kristiansen. He did all four stones in 15.94 sec, and won the event.
Krzysztof was in the lead going into this last event, so everyone was sure that he would win. But—alas … that last stone was hard for him this year as well, so after the stones he had to see himself beaten by the amazing J-F Caron from Canada, who won the title The Strongest Viking 2017.

I have to admit that I am not sure who won the after-party, but I am pretty sure that Sean O’Hagan won the Viking Games late that night …

Final results:
1 J. F. Caron, Canada – 59 pts
2 Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland – 53.5 pts
3 Lucain Herrick, USA – 49.5 pts
4 Ole Martin Kristiansen, Norway – 49 pts
5 Jorgen Aukland, Norway – 45.5 pts
6 Jon Olav Granli, Norway – 40 pts
7 Sean O`Hagan, Ireland – 35 pts
8 Bjorn Andre Solvang, Norway – 33 pts
9 Will Baggot, England – 30 pts
10 Antti Mourujarvi, Finland – 25 pts
11 Johan Espenkrona, Sweden – 25 pts
12 Morten Lund, Denmark – 22.5 pts

SCL wants to thank again to Fefor High Mountain Hotel and Vinstra community as well as Anne Grethe Horten for the great hospitality; and Egil Berli-Johnsen with his excellent equipment team.

We will see you all next year, but first we will gone do stage 2 of the MLO Strongman Champions League in Germany at the World’s biggest expo: FIBO 2017
Your favourite strongman will be live to see there at April 9th.


SCL Norway–The Strongest Viking 2017

Vikings and strongman go together like ham and eggs, so welcome to the 2017 edition of SCL Norway—aka The Strongest Viking—as Kikki Berli-Johnsen sets the stage. Canada’s foremost strongman J-F Caron is the defending champion at Strongman Champions League–Norway. IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL
Canada’s foremost strongman, J-F Caron, is the defending champion at Strongman Champions League–Norway. IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL

Vikings and strongman go together like ham and eggs, so welcome to the 2017 edition of SCL Norway—aka The Strongest Viking—as Kikki Berli-Johnsen sets the stage.

by Kikki Berli-Johnsen

Up in the mountains above the little village of Vinstra, placed in the beautiful valley of Gudbrandsdalen, SCL Norway – The Strongest Viking 2017 will be held January 27th and 28th.

This is the first of 16 stages of the MLO Strongman Champions Leauge 2017. This is the 10th year in SCL history, so it will be very interesting to see who will be the new world champion this jubilee year.
Like the last two years, the venue is the same; the majestic Fefor High Mountain Hotel, and like earlier years a viking village with harsh Viking fighters, beautiful viking women, salesmen and viking games. This makes this competition different from all the other competitions around the world. 

12 of the strongest men from the Northern hemisphere will compete in a total of 6 events, where the first event will be held Friday 27th at 8.00 PM. 
Event two starts at 11.00 AM Saturday 28th.

The six gruelling events are:

–    Front Hold with sledgehammers
–    Viking Boat Pull (harness only)
–    Powerstairs
–    Viking Press
–    Timber Yoke
–    Atlas Stones (100-180 kg)

New for this year is the Timber Yoke. It is an extremely long log placed on top of a frame, and the most challenging part of this event won’t be to carry 412 kg in the snow, but to find the balance on the equipment. This will be fun! The twelve strong men who will fight the title are:

–    JF Caron, Canada
–    Lucain Herrick, USA
–    Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland
–    Jorgen Aukland, Norway
–    Johan Espenkrona, Sweden
–    Antti Mourujärvi, Finland
–    Ole Martin Kristiansen, Norway
–    Jon Olav Granli, Norway
–    Sean O’Hagan, Ireland
–    Morten Lund, Denmark
–    Bjorn Andre Solvang, Norway
–    Will Baggot, England

JF Caron is defending his title, and he must fight for it with this lineup of strongmen. There are a few new names in this lineup, and we can’t wait to see how the big Texan Lucain Herrick will handle the freezing temperatures up in the Norwegian mountains, or how easily the Irish giant Sean O’Hagan will pull the viking ship. O’Hagan is the biggest strongman in the world, reaching 212 cm over sea level and weighing 200 kg (6’9 and 440lbs).

There have been hundreds of competitions over the years – never one like SCL Norway. 
There have been thousands of athletes – this line-up is unique. They are used to sweating – now they’ll freeze their glutes off. Game on!


SCL World Title and 1 kg of Gold for Dainis Zageris

Dainis Zageris is the 2016 MLO Strongman Champions League world champion. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL
Dainis Zageris is the 2016 MLO Strongman Champions League world champion. IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

“Dainis Zageris is the new SCL world champion 2016 and dethroned Krzysztof Radzikowski from Poland,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind, as last weekend the 16th and final stage of the MLO Strongman Champions League was held in Dubai.

“In the city of gold, Latvia’s Dainis ‘Titan’ Zageris swept away his opponents in the final competition of the World Series.  2015 champion Krzysztof Radzikowski got second and Matjaz Belsak took third place.  It was a very hard, but also exciting final for all athletes, and since none of them had ever in Dubai, this was an experience as well for them.

“Despite the extremely hot weather, the competition in Dubai was full of memorable performances and strong results.

“On Day 1, Krzysztof Radzikowski registered a well-deserved victory in the discipline Car Train Pull, Eric Dawson triumphed in Rock Lift, where the athletes had to lift three stones with different weight (100 kg, 110 kg, 130 kg), and Dainis Zageris finished first in Pole Push, without a single loss in all of his matches.

Matjaz Belsak (left) and Andreas Andreas Altmann (right) on the Pole Push. Referee and SCL director Ilkka Kinnunen looks like he’s fully ready to jump in and take over if necessary. IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL

“Day 2 started with Car Dead Lift for reps, an event won by Jean-Francois Caron who made a striking 12 repetitions with a 450-kg weight. Next, Bjorn Solvang had no problems winning his world record discipline, the Front Hold. The last event in the competition, the IronMind Loading Race was won by Matjaz Belsak with his amazing time of 30.52 seconds with 4 bags of 125 Kg to load in pick ups.