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16 June 2019 


Great Alex Moonen winner of SCL Holland 2019.

For the first time in the history of the Strongman Champions League, founded in 2008, and every year since then also held in the Netherlands, the organization could celebrate a Dutch winner.
Four times Strongest Man of Holland, Alex Moonen took the gold before the “Flying Dutchman” Kelvin de Ruiter, “El Toro” from Finland Mika Torro completed the stage after 6 events.

The first event, a truckpull of 17.000 kg. over 25 meters in max. 75 seconds, was a real hard first event, light-weight and Morocco’s favorite Fouad Hsaini started and made 12.83 meters, the very strong Johan Espenkrona from Sweden finished at 22.45 meters and Holland’s debutant Vlad Buda almost finished but stopped at 24.80 meters . Four times Holland’s strongest Alex Moonen was the first man with a full-pull in 67.81 seconds, only 3 other athletes had a time-finish: top-favorite and SCL’s leader Krzystof Radzikowski in 53.12 seconds, Ireland’s gently Giant Sean O’Hagan in 56.09 and …….the World Champion Truckpull , Holland’s runner-up Kelvin de Ruiter, in a magnificent and rare style he finished in 36.06, awesome, awesome, awesome.

The second event, a wheelflip of 400 kg. with 8 flips, was the end for SCL’s leader Krzystof Radzikowski, a torned biceps in his race meant the end for the leader, a loss for the man himself and for the organization. Also Dainis Zageris was back for the first time after an operation but could not make the difference in his first event after eight months.
The very strong Kelvin de Ruiter took again the gold in this event in 24.39 seconds for Mika Torro in 29.50, Alex Moonen in 31.85 and Vlad Buda in 32.35, Ryan England (34.64) and Johan Espenkrona (44.05) followed.

The third event, a car-deadlift of 340 kg. on reps in 60 seconds, gave another great winner, the 23 years young but very strong athlete from Poland, Konrad Karwat, showed the audience a perfect 16 reps but immediately followed by three man, Ryan England, Alex Moonen and Kelvin de Ruiter, each with 13 reps for Dainis Zageris (12), Johan Espenkrona (11) and Vlad Buda (11).

Event four, a Viking-press of 150 kg.,should normally be a prey for the man with the nickname Shoulders, Lucain Herrick from the U.S.A. , he came, he saw and made 15 reps and thought it should be good for the 14 points but Ryan England had different thoughts and made also 15 reps, the both shoulder-men were followed by Moonen and Karwat (10) and Espenkrona (9). For Kelvin de Ruiter (6) and Mika Torro(3) this event was a defeat.

After four events Kelvin de Ruiter was leading with 47 pts, followed by Alex Moonen (45,5) Ryan England (41,5), Johan Espenkrona (35,5) , Mika Torro (35), Vlad Buda (33,5) and Konrad Karwat (33).
For the rest of the athletes the podium of honor was out of sight.

The fifth event, a front hold of 25 kg., is loved or hated by the athletes, for Lucain Herrick it was once again a reaL peace of cake to score the maximum points but his 62.32 seconds was impressive. Good old Dainis Zageris followed in 59.83 for Aurelien le Jeune (51.89), Mika Torro (51.09) and Fouad Hsaini (50.89). The podium of honour got a new leader with Alex Moonen (8 pts. for 48.19) because the expected defeat for Kelvin de Ruiter was there.(3 pts. for 37.45)

The last event, the Stones of Strenght 130, 140, 150, 160, 170 and 180 on equal height but on distance from the barrels in max 90 seconds, was a immense finish for this episode under good circumstances and an excellent organization under leadership of Paul Rabelink of Sport- en Gezondheidscentrum Physique.

Only three athletes were successful over the six stones, the first complete serie was for the strong and friendly Viking from Sweden Johan Espenkrona in 77.58 seconds but Kelvin de Ruiter took the lead in 54.50 seconds . Leader of the day Alex Moonen didn’t want to capitulate and for the first time in many years he won the event in 44.25 seconds, awesome, awesome, awesome.

After some calculation the prize-giving ceremony started and showed that Alex Moonen was the first Dutch athlete under the flag of SCL who’s allowed to put the event on his honors list with 67.5 pts for Kelvin de Ruiter – Holland (63 p.) and Mika Torro – Finland)who completed the podium of honor with 57 points.

Other results: 4. Johan Espenkrona – Sweden (54.5), 5. Lucain Herrick – U.S.A. (47.5), 6. Konrad Karwat – Poland (47), 7. Aurelien le Jeune – France (45.5) , Vlad Buda – Holland (45.5) 9. Ryan England – U.K. (43.5), 10. Sean O’Hagan – Ireland (38.5), 11. Dainis Zageris – Latvia (32), Will Baggott – U.K. (32), 13. Fouad Hsaini – Morocco (30), 14. Krzystof Radzikowski – Poland (15.5) DNF.

Breaking news: Krzystof Radzikowski had a successful operation on Monday in Poland. (picture)

Next stage: SCL RUSSIA 20 JULY



BREAKING NEWS 12 June 2019

“TuffWraps has become the Official Strength Kit supplier and a primary sponsor of the Strongman Champions League” ,

and TuffWraps is excited to announce that with immediate effect it is now the official supplier to the SCL (Strongman Champions League) for all sleeves, wrist wraps, and strength gear.  


TuffWraps is a worldwide strength gear and fitness apparel brand, that reminds the world and us that we are all resilient through the difficult times and can overcome the challenging situations that we experience physically, emotionally or mentally – we remain TUFF.  This is life. 

It is about harnessing the never give in, never give up attitude that we all have inside of us as human beings.

With this as our belief, we feel supporting the SCL, which can only be described as the premier league of strength sports, goes hand in hand with our brand outlook.  The SCL is a complete series of 16 international competitions, with the best champions from around the world, battling it out to be the victor.  The competition venues are hand chosen and the best each country has to offer, with the signature events taking inspiration from the countries very own traditional elements.


The SCL is not only a spectacular competition on site, but it is also the only worldwide televised competition league on multiple media platforms available to view in over 90 countries.

With this proud new relationship, TuffWraps and the SCL look towards a bright future working together to be able to drive the sport of Strongman further than ever on a global stage.


UK / Europe –

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See Tuffwraps in SCL Holland- coming Saturday 15 June – 13.00 hours in ULFT -HOLLAND



1) Dainis Zageris, Latvia

2) Luke Herrick, USA                                                                            

3) Mika Torro, Finland

4) Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland

5) Konrad Karwat, Poland

6) Sean O Hagan, Ireland

7) Ryan Jesus, England UK        

8) Will Baggott, UK

9) Aurelien Le Jeune, France

10) Dennis Kohlruss, Germany

11) Johan Espenkrona, Sweden

12) Alex Moonen, Holland

13) Kelvin de Ruiter, Holland

14) Vlad Buda, Holland

Strongman Champions League powered by TUFFWRAPS


Travis Ortmayer wins SCL TURKEY 2019 

21 April 2019 

In the heat of 30 degrees on a spectaculair and wonderfull beach of Alanya,

the MLO Strongman Champions League  Turkey was viewed by thousends of spectators over a two day battle. 

With 12 athletes at the start over 6 cruel events.

Travis Ortmayer from the USA beat the whole field.                         


Total Results SCL TURKEY                                                                                                                  


1 Travis Ortmayer 53 Winner 25  
2 Dennis Kohlruss 49   18  
3 Alex Moonen 48   15  
4 Mika Torro 41,5   12  
5 Jarno Kirsela 34   10  
6 Johan Espenkrona 31,5   8  
7 Aurelien le Jeune 29,5   6  
8 Nill Saybe 27,5   5  
9 Amin Manavi 27   4  
10 Will Baggott 25   3  
11 Fatih Karaca 14   2  
12 Vostan Gevorgyan 6   1  


Next stage: SCL HOLLAND 15 June 2019



Krzysztof Radzikowski won the SCL Germany (FIBO) for the 4th time.

6 April 2019 


2007  Jarno Hams (Holland)

2008  Igor Werner (Germany)

2009  Travis Ortmayer (USA)

2010  Misha Koklyaev (Russia)

2011  Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)

2012 Zydrunas Savickas( Lithuania)

2013 Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania)

2014 Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)

2015 Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)

2016 Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)

2017 Matjaz Belsak (Slovenia)

2018 Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)

2019 Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)


Herewith he beat the old record from Zydrunas Savickas to win 4 times. An outstanding performance from the Polish Power!

Also 2 World records were broken.

Marko Remlik from Estonia won the weight for height over 4.40 meter medley in a new record time of 14.88 Seconds.

And Luke Herrick  from the USA had the best forward hold ever with 64.04 seconds.


End results FIBO 2019:

  Name Total points      
1 Krzysztof Radzikowski 63   25  
2 Aivars Smaukstelis 57   18  
3 Sebastian Kraus 55,5   15  
4 Lucain Herrick 50   12  
5 Marco Remlik 47   10  
6 Raffael Gordzielik 46   8  
7 Mika Torro 41,5   6  
8 Alex Moonen 35   5  
9 Kelvin de Ruiter 34,5   4  
10 Ryan Jesus England  33,5   3  
11 Sean O’Hagan 18,5   2  
12 Will Baggott 16,5   1  
13 Emanuel Pescari 11   0,5  
14 Dennis Kohlruss 0   0,5  




   27 January 2019

“Krzysztof Radzikowski takes his second Viking World title”

MLO Strongman Champions League Norway – World’s Strongest Viking 2019
By Kikki Berli-Johnson.

If you do the same over and over again, you either become very good at what you do, or you become bored, boring and then you die.
The SCL World Strongest Viking promotor, crew, venue, staff and SCL management has put on competitions in sub-zero temperatures and snow for years now, and it has become good. Very good!

The SCL season has the last four years started at Fefor Arena, placed at Fefor Highland Hotel in the midst of Norway. This historical hotel has hosted a number of strongman competitions during the last six years and has during the years built a name in the strongman community throughout the world.  The events are so raw and cool that athletes almost beg to be invited to do this competition.
As always SCL Norway – World’s Strongest Viking have a beautiful backdrop of a Viking village, Viking fighters, handcrafters and musicians, and this year even Njord – the God of weather – was on the athlete’s side.

This year 14 athletes from all over the world came to Fefor to compete in 6 cruel events. The athletes were:

– Krzysztof Radzikowski, Poland
– Dainis Zageris, Latvia
– Mika Törrö, Finland
– Ole Martin Kristiansen, Norway

– Chris Burke, USA
– Johan Langhorst, Netherlands
– Stefan Sekej, Norway
– Lucain Herrick, USA
– Dan Harrison, Japan
– Nill Saybe, Honduras
– Ryan England, England
– Eythor Ingolfsson, Iceland
– Dennis Kohlruss, Germany
– Sean O’Hagan, Ireland

First event started Friday night, and this year it was the majestic Hercules Hold that were the opening event. This big wooden structure is a hard challenge for all trying it, and for our athletes it was 150 kg each hand.
The Norwegian newcomer, Stefan Sekej, were out as number one. He stood in the very cold winter night for 54.47 seconds and set the bar for the rest of the athletes. All athletes wanted to beat the old stand world record  from this , what was in hands firstly from Hafthor Bjornsson and later from JF Caron with a 60 seconds.

The Irish giant, Sean O’Hagan ended up setting a new World Record with an impressive 63.40 sec.

After this great event in full snow and wind in a cold evening ,  the athletes got a good meal and a good night’s rest before day 2 started.  The weather was good, and the wind wasn’t too bad, so the -21 Celsius didn’t feel too bad.

First event in day 2 was the  Viking Press for reps. The implement weighed 155 kg in hands, and Krzysztof Radzikowski had the standing worldrecord on 15 reps in 60 seconds from 2018.

 Lucain Herrick from USA had his head set on beating that record, but ended up with a tie on 15 reps, and a shared World Record with Krzysztof. Ryan England and Krzysztof Radzikowski came second with 13 reps each on this day.

Third event was the iconic Viking Boat Pull. This beautiful Viking Ship had to be pulled 20 meters, without hand rope. The ship itself isn’t too heavy but pulling it on snow is hard, so this is a challenge for all athletes. The winner of the event was Mika Törrö from Finland, who pulled the ship in 16,12 seconds.

Fourth event was powerstairs. 3 implements weighing 180, 190 and 200 kg was to be lifted as fast as possible up 4 stairs. Lucain Herrick had injured his arm, so his plan was just to do one stair, just to get points in the event. He did 4 stairs and placed last with one point. Fastest of all was Norway’s Strongest Man, Ole Martin Kristiansen. He did all 12 steps in 21.69 seconds.  Dainis Zageris from Latvia came second, and Krzysztof Radzikowski came third.
After this event there were a cut, where top 10 went on to the finals.

The fifth event was done for the first time at Arena Fefor. An 8,3-meter-long, 150 kg heavy Fingal Finger where to be flipped as many times as possible in 60 seconds. This implement – like all the other implements at Arena Fefor are made specifically for the arena, and like all the other implements this one is also made out of wood from the local forest. And it worked well.
Most athletes managed to get at least one flip on this massive finger, and best of all – and also the one who took the new World Record, where Sean O’Hagan from Ireland. He did three flips in 63.04 seconds.

Last event was also a new event again here , the dreaded Fefor-stone – a gigantic husafell stone weighing impressive 193 kg. The heaviest Husafell stone ever.

This is a stone that will try to suck life out of you while you walk with it, it will try to steal your breath, crush your lungs … it is a reason why husafell carries are an event most athletes dread. It is also an event that doesn’t favorize the bigger athletes, so our guys did have the odds against them.

Each lap were about 15 meters long, and four athletes didn’t manage to go all those 15 meters before the Fefor-Stone sucked life out of them. Three athletes ended up on 15 meters, and one at 22. The shared World Record was taken by Ole Martin Kristiansen from Norway and Latvia’s own Dainis Zageris, both walked impressive 30 meters before they fell , on the ice/slippery snow wet floor!

And with this, with 3 World Records set , the edition World’s Strongest Viking 2019 was over, and Krzysztof Radzikowski, the champ from last year, once again took the title, this year’s




RESULTS and RANKING SCL 2019                                          

1 Krzysztof Radzikowski  57,5   25    
2 Ole M Kristiansen (Nor) 53,5   18    
3 Mika Torro (Fin) 53   15    
4 Dainis Zageris (Lat) 52   12    
5 Sean O’Hagan (Ire) 51,5   10    
6 Dennis Kohlruss (Ger) 51   8    
7 Ryan Jesus (Eng) 39   6    
8 Luke Herrick (USA) 37   5    
9 Stefan Sekej (Nor) 31   4    
10 Nill Saybe (Honduras) 23,5   3    
11  Eybor Ingolffson  (Ice) 21,5   2    
12 Dan Harrisson (Jap) 20,5   1    
13 Chris Burke (USA) 19   0,5    
14 Johan Langhorst (Hol)  16   0,5    

Another awesome competition at Arena Fefor was over, and all we can do now is to welcome you all to come and be a part of it in 2020.

The competition will be even better than the years before, the athletes will be stronger and the events will be harder.
We look forward to see you there again of course.

The year 2019 just has started and we will see you all at stage 2, the  GERMANY – FIBO 2019 at 6 April.



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