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Vitaliy Gerasimov Defends his 105-kg Strongman Title

22 December 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2011 IronMind
“In the same weekend as the Strongman Champion League finals, we did in Kiev the 105-kg Strongman World Championships,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind.

Vitaly Gerasimov broke the world record on the Circus Dumbbell at the 105-kg SCL 105-kg Strongman World Championships.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

“[It was] a very exciting contest until the bitter end, where Vitaly Gerasimov from the Ukraine and Aleksander Mancerov from Russia had equal points until the last event, the car squat for reps.Mancerov did an outstanding performance with 14 reps, but on his right side, at the same time, Gerasimov managed to push out 16 reps and won the title World Strongest Man 105 Kg.Topi Fridtfeld from Finland surprised everybody and finished as 3rd place overall.
There was also a worldrecord: Vitaly Gerasimov did an impressive 12 reps with [an] 80-kg dumbbell.  This is the same dumbbell as used in the SCL Finals and with same measurements as on the Arnold Classic.

Here are the top ten scores, officially:

1.  Vitaliy Gerasimov (Ukraine)                  55
2.  Akexsander Mancerov (Russia)            54
3.  Topi Fryfeeld (Finland)                          35
4.  Oleksander Krivchenkov (Ukraine)      34
5.  Oleksey Vishnitskiy (Ukraine)               31
6.  Rori Scheepers (South Africa)               31
7.  Tomas Haijnal (Hungary)                      25
8.  Harri Peltomaa (Finland)                       25
9.  Maris Blumfeld (Latvia)                          9
10.  Ladislav Zsemlye (Slovakia)                 7


Many thanks to the organization UFSA, Olena and Vladimir Kiba, who made a perfect show in cooperation with SCL.
We will be back next year for sure, but then hopefully without loads of snow.

Terry Hollands is the 2010 SCL Champion !!!

21 December 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2011 IronMind
Great Britain’s mighty Terry Hollands, a former rugby player turned strongman, was crowned the 2010 Strongman Champions League (SCL) overall winner this weekend in Kiev.
Terry Hollands (center) won the overall 2010 Strongman Champions League title.  Misha Koklyaev (left) was third and Ervin Katona (right) was second.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

As if the contest itself didn’t pose sufficient challenges, the winter storms sweeping across Europe only added to the demands put on the athletes and organizers, alike.
“The [conditions for getting] to Kiev last weekend were really bad because of the weather,” SCL cofounder Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind.  “Lots of snow all over Europe [left] athletes stuck at airports in various cities in Europe.   Unfortunately, some athletes couldn’t make it on time, like Travis Ortmayer who got [stranded] at the airport – A real pity for him as he was standing in third place overall in the Champions League.
“So we started with 9 athletes total, with Zydrunas Savickas, not as competitor today, but helping as a speaker and pleasing the crowd.
“The SCL Ukraine was won by Sergei Romanchuk from the Ukraine, followed by Agris Kazelniks on second place and Misha Koklyaev 3th.
“Misha was leading the whole contest , but lost it in the fourth event, the Conan’s Wheel completely, as he got dizzy and stopped the 350-kg wheel already after 10 meters.
“This opened the chances for Romanchuk, Agris and Terry Hollands to take the Ukrainian SCL title.  Romanchuk grabbed the title because of his outstanding good performance after six events. Terry Hollands took fifth place, but had enough points to win the overall title and got crowned as the Strongman Champions League winner 2010.
“Kontantin Ilin broke the world record of Derek Poundstone, also set in Kiev in May earlier this year during the Giants Live show.  He did an impressive 10 reps with the one arm dumbbell of 95 kg.
“It was a long, cold weekend in the Ukraine, but with a great final and and some hot drinks afterwards,  we ended with a smile,” Mostert said.

Here are the official scores from the SCL-Ukraine:

1.  Sergey Romanchuk (Ukraine)   46.0
2. Agris Kazelniks (Latvia)               38.5
3.  Mikhail Koklyaev (Russia)          36.5
4.  Konstantin Ilyin (Ukraine)         34.5
5.  Terry Hollands (England)           27.5
6.  Golier Brano (Slovakia)              25.5
7.  Akos Nagi (Hungary)                   19
8.  Antti Moruiyaaaavi (Finland)    14

Mostert told IronMind that more than 50 different athletes competed in the Strongman Champions League this year.

Here are the top three, overall:

1.  Terry Hollands (United Kingdom)  132 Points
2.  Ervin Katona (Serbia)                       106
3.  Mikhail Koklyaev (Russia)                98


Kiev: Strongman Champions League 2010 Grand Finale

18 October 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
Terry Hollands (leftt) and Ervin Katona (right) are coming into the 2010 Strongman Champions League Grand Finale in first and second place, respectively.  Who will leave Kiev as the overall SCL champion this year?  IronMind® | SCL photo.

The very popular top British strongman Terry Hollands got off to a roaring start this year and seemed destined for the World’s Strongest Man podium among other things, but he got slowed down by a torn biceps.  The big man bounced back and he’ll be in Kiev, coming into the SCL finals as the overall points leader.
SCL cofounder Marcel Mostert told IronMind that “almost 50 athletes competed in the SCL” this year, with “the top 8 automatically qualified” for the SCL Grand Finale, and “number 9 and 10 as a reserve [Warrick Brant and Golier Brano].”  The host country’s Sergei Romanchuk will also compete, Mostert said, “and we might have a few wildcards left.”  The points for the final will be counted as double points, which means that the winner gets 50 points, nr. 2 gets 36 points, etc.

SCL top eight overall:

1.  Terry Hollands (England)            112
2.  Ervin Katona (Serbia)                   102
3.  Travis Ortmayer (USA)                 77
4.  Misha Kolyaev (Russia)               68
5.  Agris Kazelniks (Latvia)              59
6.  Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)  50
7.  Konstiantyn Ilin (Ukarine)         36
8.  Johannes Arsjo                              28

Based on the way the finals will be scored, Mostert said, “This means that the absolute winner can be still [any] one of the top four athletes in the ranking, and theoretically the number 8 can still get a third place overall.”
The overall SCL title was won by Andrus Murumets in 2009 and by Zydrunas Savickas in 2008.  For a complete list of SCL point standings this season, please visit the official SCL website (see Results 2010 and Rankings).Firm about the position of SCL in the strongman world, Marcel Mostert told IronMind, “The Strongman Champions League is at the moment the biggest and most important league in the world for strongman athletes!

Ervin Katona Wins Strongman Champions League – Slovakia

12 October 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
Ervin Katona just added his third Strongman Champions League victory to his 2010 collection of titles.Here’s the log lift for reps, showing Terry Hollands against Golier Brano, with Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert refereeing.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

Last Sunday, The Strongman Champions League–Slovakia was the 3rd victory for Ervin Katona this year.
  His hands were healed from the past World’s Strongest Man contest and so he showed how strong he really was.
With Louis Vigo, the famous soccer player from Portugal, promoting the UEFA cup on one side of the new boulevard in Bratislava, the other side was filled with strongman fans.  It was really a nice day with 20 degrees [68 F] in October and a crowd cheering the whole afternoon for our strongmen.  We had great help from the organization SASIM and the Bratislava government.
Terry Hollands, Ervin Katona, and Konstantin Ilin all they came to win the SCL Slovakia, and it was exciting.   After five events, Ervin was just a half point behind Terry Hollands, the current leader of the SCL tour 2010.  Ervin impressed on the last event, the Atlas Stones, by doing the last stone , the 190-kg killer, the fastest in the field.  Terry Holland came third on these stones, and so lost his possible victory of the day to Ervin.
Brano Golier, the local hero from Slovakia, did his best performance ever in the SCL and came fourth overall.  Martin Wildauer from Austria satisfied himself as well: After a big pec injury earlier this year, he made his comeback and finished in the top 6.”

Here are the top 6 results:

1.  Ervin Katona (Serbia)              57.0
2.  Terry Hollands (UK)               55.5
3.  Konstantin Ilin (Ukraine)     48.0
4.  Brano Golier (Slovakia)          42.5
5.  Matt Wanat (USA)                   37.5
6.  Martin Wildauer (Austria)    35.5

Strongman Champions League: Ervin Katona Wins Again

28 August 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
“In 35 degree [95 F] heat, Ervin Katona was the best of the rest,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind, as the Serbian strongman picked up his second Strongman Champions League (SCL) victory of the 2010 season.                        After winning the SCL–Bulgaria earlier this year, Ervin Katona won in his own country his second Strongman Champions League contest of the 2010 season, the SCL–Serbia.
Newcomer Gery Schlier from Austria did a good job and got fifth place, just 1 point ahead of Golier Brano from Slovakia and Simon Sulaimon from Syria.Ervin Katona is now on the third place on the Strongman Champions League ranking [for the 2010 season], with Terry Hollands still leading. Looking ahead, Mostert said, “The finals in the Ukraine in November will crown the overall winner of 2010,” a title that Andrus Murumets won in 2009 and Zydrunas Savickas won in 2008.

Here are the official results for the top six from SCL–Serbia:

1.  Ervin Katona          60.0
2.  Agris Kazelniks      42.0
3.  Gabor Fargacs       38.5
4.  Akos Nagy             36.0
5.  Gery Schlier          28.0
6.  Golier Brano         27.0


Travis Ortmayer Wins Strongman Champions League – Holland

21 June 2010

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
The Texas Stoneman – Travis Ortmayer – notched up his first ever Strongman Champions League (SCL) victory this weekend, as he took top honors in Holland, and he also made some strongman history: Marcel Mostert told IronMind that this was the first time an American won an SCL competition.
“I was really starting to worry about making your prediction [about having a terrific year] come true until last weekend in Holland!,” Travis Ortmayer told IronMind’s Randall Strossen today. “I’ve just been crap lately at the other shows. Weight loss and no training will do that to you I guess. So will a total lack of sleep due to a little one waking you up all night!  I ended up winning that show, and on my first Father’s Day no less.  It was my 80th competition too- man I feel old.
“So there you go; my last big Grand Prix until WSM was a win, and I think this will give me some good momentum for my preparation,” Ortmayer said.

Marcel Mostert filed this report with IronMind.

Sunday, 20 June 2010: This was a great competition in Holland with Travis Ortmayer defeating Misha Koklyaev in a thrilling fight and SCL Holland was the first SCL [competition] won by an American.
Travis was so determined to do well, after missing the podium from last two SCL contests. (4th and 5th place), he came to get in the top 3 again, but instead, he won the SCL Holland.
It was a real exciting fight between Travis,Misha, Ervin and Etienne Smit from South Africa.
With just 1 point between this top 4, the decision fell in the last event , the atlas stones, where the Texas Stoneman showed why he had this nickname.  Etienne Smit disappointed himself with the stones, as he stopped after the 2nd stone. He made a mistake and the stone fell on his chin, he got dizzy and stopped himself.
The comeback of Jarno Hams was not as he expected.  He did a great rock lift with a 2nd place behind Travis , but got there also a little injury on his wrist, and with the knowledge of having the Dutch Nationals in 3 weeks, he decided to stop after 3 events.
With thanks to our co-organizer Paul Rabelink and Wunderland Kalkar, and the great performance of our athletes, we are very satisfied with the edition SCL Holland 2010.



Here are the the overall results:

1.  Travis Ortmayer (USA)           70.0
2.  Misha Koklyaev (Russia)        66.0
3.  Ervin Katona (Serbia)             65.5
4.  Etienne Smit (South Africa)   52.5
5.  Warrick Brant (Australia)        44.0
6.  Agris Kazelniks (Latvia)           40.0
7.  Jimmy Laureys (Belgium)       40.0
8.  Jan Wagenaar (Holland)         35.0
9.  Konstantin Ilin (Ukraine)        35.0
10.  Alex Moonen (Holland)         34.0
11.  Jarno Hams* (Holland)         24.0
12.  Fabrice Barbier (France)       20.0
13.  Simon Sulaiman* (Syria)      11.0

26 May 2010

UFSA, SCL and Giants Live Set To Converge on Kiev

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind

Three strongman organizations, two body weight classes and one location will produce “two great shows at the same venue in the heart of Kiev,” Strongman Champion League’s Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.
Handing his camera to IronMind’s Randall Strossen at the 2009 World’s Strongest Man contest, Marcel Mostert said: “Randy—take a presidential picture of Colin and me.”  “A presidential picture?,” Strossen asked.  “You know, you shake hands and smile, but you hate the other guy,” Mostert explained.  Not all is not flames and daggers between the respective heads of Strongman Champions League (Marcel Mostert, left) and Giants Live (Colin Bryce, right), though, and this weekend they will be joining forces in Kiev for a strongman extravaganza.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.

Three strongman organizations, two body weight classes and one location will produce “two great shows at the same venue in the heart of Kiev,” Strongman Champion League’s Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.
“It will be a busy strongman day in Kiev on May 30,” said Mostert.  “The organizations UFSA, SCL and Giants Live will all work together to make two great shows on the same venue in the heart of Kiev.
“Fourteen [strongman] events will be done in total, probably the most events ever done in one day!  Giants Live will make its qualifier for World’s Strongest Man; and UFSA/SCL will make a great team event for 105-kg class, with Team Ukraine versus Team Europe.
“Vladimir and Olena Kiba, the main promoters, will work together with the crew of SCL and Giants Live,” Mostert said.  “Beautiful dancers, folklore, celebrities, strongmen, music, and a great venue will be the ingredients for a great day in strongman sport.”

The events for the 105-kg teams will be:

1. Sudan Walk (4 athletes):  900 kg/20 + 20 m
2. Log Lift (3 athletes): 330 kg/reps  (60 second time limit)
3. Arm over Arm (4 athletes): sled, 20 m
4. Tug of War (4 athletes)
5. Dumbbell (4 athletes): 80kg
6. Manhood stones (4 athletes): 170 kg/125 cm
7. Squat (3 athletes): 320 kg (60 sec each)

Marcel Mostert, Ilkka Kinnunen and Colin Bryce “will all work together to referee these events in the best way,” and “all the events will be televised.”

16 May 2010

Misha Koklyaev Wins SCL – Finland

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind

Setting the stage for day two at SCL Finland in Ideapark, Ilkka Kinnunen told IronMind, “All the athletes looked fresh and ready for one of the heaviest deadlift events ever: The weight was 380kg!!”
Misha Koklyaev, winner of the 2010 SCL Finland strongman competition, did 7 reps on the 380-kg deadlift.
Remember, though, this is Finland, the home of really heavy strongman events.
“I interviewed Misha for Finnish TV and he said that ‘it was heaviest I have ever he has done in competition,’” Kinnunen said.  “But the results were amazing: Misha Koklajev did 7 reps, Terry Hollands did 6 reps and Agris Kazelniks did 5 reps.”
“After Deadlift, the athletes had one hour rest before hitting the Log Lift for Max event.  Again we saw some great lifts.  The winner, Vidas Blekaitis, did very easy 190 kg and he tried 200 kg, but a small injury in his shoulder prevented the last lift.  Second were Misha Koklayjev and Johannes Årsjö, both with 180kg, and then Terry Hollands with 175 kg.
“The last event of the competition was sack loading: 4 sacks and loading distance was 5 meters. The winner of the event was Travis Ortmayer at 20.25 seconds; second was Misha Koklyaev at 21.00 seconds, and third was Christian Savoie, at 21.56 seconds.

Here are the official final results:

1.  Misha Koklyaev                         53.5
2.  Terry Hollands                          46.0
3.  Travis Ortmayer                        43.0
4.  Vidas Blekaitis                           39.0
5.  Johannes Arsjo                         36.0
6.  Agris Kazelniks                         35.0
7.  Christian Savoie                        35.0
8.  Konstantyn Ilin                        17.5
9.  Jani Kolehmainen                   13.0
10.  Juha Matti Jarvi (injured)   7.0


11 May 2010

Strongman Champions League – Finland

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
“Andrus Murumets won the Strongman Champions League competition at Ideapark last year, but who will win this year?,” contest promoter Ilkka Kinnunen asked.
Ideapark is the venue for the 2010 Strongman Champions League – Finland competition.
“The list of the athletes is strong,” Kinnunen told IronMind, as he ran through the lineup of top international strongman competitors ready to make their mark in Finland this weekend.

The start list includes three guys who have gotten off to a strong start already in the 2010 Strongman Champions League series:

• Misha Kokylaev—winner of SCL – FIBO
• Terry Hollands—overall SCL leader; runnerup in the Iceman Challenge and SCL – FIBO
• Travis Ortmayer—third in SCL – FIBO

And not to be taken lightly are such challengers as Vidas Blekaitis (runnerup at in SCL – Ideapark last year), Kinnunen pointed out.  A total of ten athletes will compete for the title.

“On Sunday evening we will see who will win 2010 SCL Finland,” Kinnunen said.

24 April 2010

Misha Koklyaev Wins Strongman Champions League – FIBO: Terry Hollands, Overall SCL Leader

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
“In a great battle last weekend, Misha  Koklyaev beat Terry Hollands by two points in the overall score,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind in what he call “a great [strongman] competition at the FIBO.”
With Travis Ortmayer in third place, and following 3.5 points behind him was Ervin Katona, it proves how hard the battle was.
“Ervin Katona started super, with a new personal record on the log lift with 185 kg.  He missed his last attempt, 195 kg, the same as Misha, and they both got first [place] on this event.  It was clear [immediately] that it wouldn’t be an easy game today.

“Thanks to the FIBO and the efforts of Heinz Ollesch with SCL, this first edition of the FIBO Strongman Champions League was a great success.  The crowd loved it, and we had a lot of good publicity.  I’m sure that strongman at the FIBO will get bigger and bigger in the coming years.”
Based on his results at this competition, Koklyaev “brought home the 25 SCL points, which they can earn for a first place,” said Mostert.  “But Terry Hollands got his second second place, he s now the leader in SCL points after two stages.”

Here are the top 10 results:

1.  Mikhail Koklyaev   63.0
2.  Terry Hollands      61.0
3.  Travis Ortmayer    57.5
4.  Ervin Katona          54.0
5.  Martin Wildauer   46.5
6.  Glenn Ross            37.0
7.  Jimmy Laureys      32.0
8.  Gregor Stegnar     26.5
9.  Patrik Baboumian  21.5
10.  Alex Moonen        20

“We already look already forward to be back at the FIBO in 2011,” said Mostert, explaining that SCL had worked four years to “come to the stage that we wanted.  Next year we will do it again, and only [we will] try to do it better!”


22 April 2010

Strongman Champions League-FIBO: SCL Launches Merchandising Program

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
“The Strongman Champions League (SCL) is ready for its second stage this weekend at the
FIBO,” SCL’s Marcel Mostert told IronMind, and “there will be brand new merchandising as well.”


SCL will be introducing, “clothing and accessories in different colors, for men and women in strongman sport,” said Mostert, “specially-made for the FIBO.  If this is successful, we will sell at every event clothing with our [Strongman] Champions League brand.
The SCL-FIBO contest is this Saturday, 24 April, and the action begins at 10:30.

“We look forward to a great competition and success at the FIBO, the largest
fitness expo in the World!,” Mostert said.

21 March 2010

Strongman Champions League: The Iceman is . . . Zydrunas Savickas

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind
When Strongman Champions League announced its Arctic strongman challenge, the question was raised, “Who will be the Iceman?”
And the answer is Zydrunas Savickas, Mr. Everything in strongman, as he won the inaugural SCL Iceman Challenge last weekend.
Holding a strongman contest an Arctic region sounds tough, but let’s remember that this is Finland, traditional home to the toughest of all strongman contest.  The weather was considered excellent because it was just a few degrees below 0 Celsius with sunny skies, so the stalwart strongman dug in and had at it—with Zydrunas Savickas winning in convincing style.  Terry Hollands finished a strong second and Kostiantyn Ilin was third, just edging Warrick Brant off the podium.

Here are the final points.

1.  Zydrunas Savickas   49.5
2.  Terry Hollands         41.0
3.  Kostiantyn Ilin         32.0
4.  Warrick Brant          31.5
5.  Juha Matti Jarvi        30.0
6.  Matt Wanat              28.5
7.  Agris Kazelniks         26.0
8.  Jani Kolehmainen     17.5
9.  Simon Sulaiman       14.0

This competition was a joint effort involving Strongman Champions League, Fitness Media and Naturpolis, Kinnunen told IronMind, adding “special thanks belong to local companies who made the event possible.”  Plans for next year’s contest have already begun, Kinnunen told IronMind.


18 Februar 2010

Strongman Champions League: Iceman 2010 . . . An Arctic Strongman Challenge

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2010 IronMind

The battle for the title Iceman is set for Kuusamo Lapland in Finland, and as the promoters say, “There is no weather clause or frost limit,” so only the strongest and hardiest will survive this arctic strongman challenge.
Future Finnish strongman Arttu Parviainen tests the Frame Walk.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of Ilkka Kinnunen.
This one-day strongman contest will feature Zydrunas Savickas, Agris Kazelniks, Konstantyn Ilin, Warrick Brant, Matt Wanat, Simon Sulaiman, Tomi Lotta, Jani Kolehmainen, Terry Hollands, and one final competitor will be named shortly.

Here are the events:

Crucifix: 12.5 kg objects, held for time
Human Ski Lift: Arm-over-arm pull with “eight girls who are hooked to the rope . . . and have cross country skis on their feet”
Frame Carry: 250 – 300 kg/30 meters for time
Conan Circle: 250 kg, for distance
Deadlift: 300 – 350 kg for reps (uses two snowmobiles)
Medley: loading and truck pull with a harness and rope



3.  Jimmy Laureys (Belgium)        40.5

4.  Martin Wildauer (Austria)        39.0

5.  Agris Kazelniks (Latvia)           38.5

6.  Sergei Romanchuk (Ukraine)  34.5

7.  Akos Nagy (Hungary)                33.5

8.  Matt Wanat (USA)                      33.0

There was a big tractor expo in Novi Sad, who sponsored mainly our SCL there in cooperation with CASE tractors.  The people there did a great job and want to see us next year again! Hopefully the tractor to pull will be a little bit lighter next year, as the pull was a real killer for the athletes. Yes, even strongman have a limit, ha ha!

Ervin Katona is also taking the lead now in the overall Strongman Champions League ranking,” said Mostert, with 52 points, just ahead of Zydrunas Savickas with 50 points.So, we are ready for the fourth stage  of SCL , on June 4 in Johannesburg-Pretoria, the SCL South Africa.  The strongman champions league train rides again!

Stay tuned, and watch also this coming Friday, May 27, on Eurosport, the SCL Germany–FIBO POWER,” Mostert said.