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Official SCL Malaysia Trailer Released Today

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind

“The trailer of  the Grande Finale MHP Strongman Champions League Malaysia has been released today,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.

SCL Malaysia was the Grand Finale for the MHP Strongman Champions League 2013 season—Kryzsztof Radzikowski (shown on the Barrel Loading event) was among those delivering outstanding performances,

which will be  broadcast on Eurosport on January 2.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo

SCL Malaysia was the Grand Finale for the MHP Strongman Champions League 2013 season—Kryzsztof Radzikowski (shown on the Barrel Loading event) was among those delivering outstanding performances, which will be  broadcast on Eurosport on January 2.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo


“It can be seen  on the official website from or on you tube at this link:

We think it is an awesome trailer and positive advertising  for our beloved strongman sport.

“The first broadcast of this spectacular finals with the best strongmen in the world can be seen on January 2, 2014 at 22.00 hours on Eurosport.  There you will see who won the SCL MALAYSIA and who got crowned to the new SCL World Champion 2013.

“We want to give special thanks to the Malaysian government and  the Tourist office Visit Malaysia, Biogrow Health SDN BHD and MHP for making this great finals possible.

“The MHP Strongman Champions League wishes everybody a great Christmas and a strong 2014.  We will be back next year, and again bigger as usual.”


MHP Strongman Champions League Set for Shanghai

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind

There will not be much resting for Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert after a long 2013 season, because the cofounders of Strongman Champions League are headed back to China in the first week of the New Year.

Mike Burke, shown on the Log Lift at the 2013 SCL Grand Finale in Kuala Lumpur, is headed to Shanghai.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL


“In 2014, in the first week of January, the next event is ready to rock: Guinness World records in Shanghai,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.

“And on top of that, we will have a strongman demonstration on a famous Chinese TV show.  Athletes still have to be finalized, but Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland) and Mike Burke (USA) will be present for sure.  They will do new attempts on Guinness records and will be stars on the other show, too.

“This will be filmed and broadcast during at the Chinese New Year holidays, in one of the best time slots on CCTV 1, which is a great honor for the MHP Strongman Champions League directors and athletes.

“But before that, we all can enjoy the MHP SCL semi-finals in Brazil first, tomorrow, on Eurosport at 23.00 hours,” said Mostert.


MHP Strongman Champions League Brazil


by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2014 IronMind


Tomorrow, December 13, “the MHP Strongman Champions League Brazil will be broadcast on Eurosport International at 23.00 hours and the same day on Eurosport 2 at 23.45 Hours CET,” Marcel Mostert told IronMInd today.

Watch for MHP Strongman Champions League Brazil 2013 on Eurosport tomorrow.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL

“It was the 15th stage and in fact the semi-finals at the Expo Nutrition & Sports Show in Sao Paulo–Brasil,” said Mostert.

“This is one of the largest fairs of sports nutrition in Latin America, with over 36,000 visitors, an area of 10,000 square meters of exhibition space.  Already in the 5th edition, the Expo Nutrition & Sports Show is an event directed to the market for sports nutrition, martial arts and fitness.  Besides the amateur bodybuilding, arm wrestling, powerlifting, fight clinics there was the  semi-final of the SCL with  the strongest men in the world.


“A great trailer can be seen on the SCL website, or by clicking on this link.


“On January 2, 2014 , the finals from Malaysia will be broadcast and the new calendar from MHP Strongman Champions League 2014 will be presented.”


SCL Grand Finale: Zydrunas Savickas Wins SCL Malaysia, Krzysztof Radzikowski Wins SCL World Championships


by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind



Kuala Lumpur—Picking up where they left off yesterday, the MHP Strongman Champions League thrilled the crowd which included local dignitaries with top professional strongman competition and two champions were crowned: Zydrunas Savickas won the weekend’s SCL Malaysia competition and Krzysztof Radzikowski won the 2013 season title.


Krzysztof Radzikowski flew through the Tire Flip and finished off the SCL Grand Finale as the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League World Champion.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo

Krzysztof Radzikowski flew through the Tire Flip and finished off the SCL Grand Finale as the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League World Champion.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo


The action began today with the Car Deadlift, and weighing approximately 375 kg, it proved to be a tough challenge.  Zydrunas Savickas won with 8 reps, followed by Dainis Zageris at 7 reps and Krzysztof Radzikowski at 6 reps.

Next up was the Tire Flip: 350 kg for 8 flips.  To demonstrate how heavy the tire was, volunteers from the crowd were offered the chance to pit their strength against the weight of the tire and when nobody succeeded individually, the combined efforts of two guys managed to conquer the tire.  Then Krzysztof Radzikowski gave everyone a lesson in the event as blew through the challenge, followed by Mike Burke and Zydrunas Savickas.


Cleaning and pressing a 155-kg log for reps was the next event, which was won by the world record holder in the Log Lift, Zydrunas Savickas, with 7 reps.  Mike Burke was second, with 5 reps, and Dainis Zageris was third, with four reps.  Radzikowski injured his right arm during the event and was going to withdraw, but he went on to final event although he was basically flying with one wing at that point.


The final event was an arm-over-arm Bus Pull, which was won by Hafthor Julius Bjornsson.  Ervin Katona was second and Mike Burke was third.


SCL Malaysia: Final Scores (top 8)


1.           Zydrunas Savickas                91.0

2.           Mike Burke                             86.0

3.           Krzysztof Radzikowski          74.0

4.           Ervin Katona                          73.0

5.           Hafthor Julius Bjornsson     71.5

6.           Dainis Zageris                        70.0

7            Alex Moonen                           59

8            Lauri Nami                             53.5


2013 SCL World Championships (top 3)


1. Krzysztof Radzikowski

2. Zydrunas Savickas

3. Ervin Katona


Local culture was featured throughout the SCL Grand Finale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this weekend.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo

Local culture was featured throughout the SCL Grand Finale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this weekend.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo


SCL Grande Finale: Day 1

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Kuala Lumpur–With temperatures in the low 30s C (low 90s F), the competition wasn’t the only thing that was hot as the MHP Strongman Champions League Grand Finale had its first day of competition in Malaysia today.

Zydrunas Savickas, the defending SCL world champion, capped off a strong first day of competition with a win in the Farmer’s Walk, and he goes into tomorrow as the leader.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo

Today’s competition opened with a Truck Pull (harness and rope), and since it was 27-ton truck on a slightly uphill course, it was for distance.  As some of the competitors struggled to even move the truck and when Hafthor Julius Bjornsson ran out of time before hitting the finish line, it was apparent why this was a truck pull for distance.  Hafthor Julius Bjornsson won, Alex Moonen was second and Zydrunas Savickas was third.

The second event was loading four large barrels (80, 90, 100 and 125 kg) on a flatbed truck, with the competitors going in pairs.  Mike Burke won, but in the process he tore open the finger he had smashed earlier this season, although he was not going to let a little thing like that slow him down.  Savickas was second and Hafthor was third.

The SCL standard Forward Hold was third up today and because the competitors did not have their backs braced, the referees (Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert) were keeping an especially close eye on form, calling time if they judged a competitor to have broken the rules even before their arms came down.  One minute was the mark to beat and it proved tough.  Bjorn Solvang won, and in the process, he beat two guys of proven shoulder strength: Zydrunas Savickas, who settled for second and was shaking like a leaf as he fought to hang on for each additional second, and Mike Burke, who appeared to be going strong but was called for bending his knees.

The day wrapped up with the Farmer’s Walk, run in pairs: 130 kg per hand on a 20-meter course that the competitors covered up and back.  Zydrunas Savickas motored, picking up first place, with Hafthor Julius Bjornsson coming in second place and Mike Burke getting third.

Top five after the first day:

1. Zydrunas Savickas 47
2. Mike Burke 44
3. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson 42
4. Krzysztof Radzikowski 39
5. Ervin Katona 34

The action continue tomorrow as the MHP Strongman Champions League wraps up its 2013 season.


MHP Strongman Champions League: Worlds, Grand Finale in Malaysia – CLICK : 

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

“The MHP Strongman Champions League has come to its last stage of the 2013 season, stage 16 in Malaysia,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.
MHP Strongman Champions League is the dominant tour on the international professional strongman circuit, and on November 23–24, the 2013 season concludes in Kuala Lumpur with the crowning of the MHP SCL Malaysia champion as well as the MHP SCL World Champion for 2013.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL“The Top 10 athletes by ranking will be there to fight for the last title, SCL Malaysia, this year, and for the World Championship title as well.
“It has been an amazing year for us: We have done 15 competitions all over the world to end finally here at Malaysia for the ‘Grande Finale.’
“An extra check of $15,000 (USD) will be given to the world champion, sponsored by MHP.
“Right in the heart  of Kuala Lumpur, the following 12 athletes will be there:Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)
Kzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)
Ervin Katona (Serbia)
Mike Burke (USA)
Dainis Zageris (Latvia)
Hafthor Bjornsson (Iceland)
Lauri Nami (Estonia)
Alex Moonen (Holland)
Bjorn Solvang (Norway)
Chenyang Shi (China)
Ahmad Muhammad (Singapore)
Zarol Alfiyan (Malaysia)The ultimate final will be done over eight events:• Truck Pull (harnass and rope)
• Farmer’s Walk
• Log Lift (reps)
• Forward Hold (time)
• Tire flip
• Car Deadlift (reps)
• Loading
• Bus Pull (hand over hand)“Who will be the new SCL World Champion 2013, in the MHP Strongman Champions League 6th season?
Come and see this at 23 and 24 November, at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,” said Mostert.For more details, follow this link to the trailer announcing this event.


Zydrunas Wins MHP Strongman Champions League-Brazil

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

“Zydrunas [Savickas] showed his power again, winning the MHP SCL Brazil,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind, as the World’s Strongest Man winner continued to impress and reinforces his position as one of the favorites to win the MHP Strongman Champions League World Championships later this month.
Zydrunas Savickas on the Log Lift for reps at the MHP Strongman Champions League competition held at the Expo Nutrition in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL“In Sao Paolo, which is the biggest city in Brazil with over 16 milljon people, the EXPO NUTRITION was the location for the SCL semi finals on Friday.  The EXPO was in Sao Paolo for the second time, and it pulled total of over 25.000 people to watch strongman, fitness, MMA and bodybuilding. The EXPO was a huge success and was sold out every day said organizer Ana Graziano.“The strongman competition was a cooperative effort between Nuno Araujo and SCL. Nuno had successfully worked with the SCL Portugal event earlier of this year.“In the competition we had total of six events:• Medley (Farmer’s walk 140 kg/Shield walk 180 kg)
• Log for Reps 140 kg
• Deadlift for reps (350 kg)
• Yoke Race (360 kg)
• Circus Dumbbell (100 kg)
• Atlas Stones (120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 180 kg)“Zydrunas won four of the events and in Circus Dumbbell he tied with Krzysztof [Radzikowski].

“On the 20th of November, SCL will travel to Malaysia for the finals.  At the moment Krzysztof is still leading, but Zydrunas and Thor are getting closer, so stay tuned for more action to come in  the SCL 2013 series,” said Kinnunen.

Overall: Top 8

1. Zydrunas Savickas
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski
3. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson
4. Dainis Zageris
5. Lauri Nami
6. Ervin Katona
7. Ettiene Smit
8. Marcos Ferrari


Eddie Hall Wins Sledgehammer Head Hold

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

“Last Saturday, a great show was done in Germany, live at their biggest
channel, ARD , with some strongman in cooperation with the MHP Strongman
Champions League,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind.The Sledghammer Head Hold pitted Eddie Hall against Heinz Ollesch, with the winner having a shot at a 100,000 euro prize.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL“Two big hammers had to be held in a specific position at the head for longest time, in kind of Guinness records style competition,” Mostert said.“This TV show Die Deutsche Meister (the German European Champion) was LIVE in 8 million households in Germany and the winner had chance at 100,000 euros in vote by the public.“Eddie Hall from England won this new event against Heinz Ollesch, the German champion and former World’s Strongest Man competitor.  Heinz’s time was 1 minute 30 seconds; Eddie held on for 2 seconds longer.

“At the end, the strongman act was voted in second place by the German public, so they were very close to the 100,000 euro prize,” Mostert said.

Here is a link to the complete show: the strongman act starts at about 28:50.


Zydrunas Savickas Wins MHP SCL Lithuania

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Coming from behind on the last event, Zydrunas Savickas won the MHP Strongman Champions League

contest in Vilnius, Lithuania yesterday—giving him his second win in two days.

Zydrunas Savickas, en route to his overall victory at the MHP Strongman Champions League–Lithuania, won the 390-kg Car Deadlift with 9 reps.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

“It was not easy win for Big Z today at MHP Strongman Champions League–Lithuania: Vidas Blekaitis was leading by three points going into the last event, the Atlas Stones,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind.

“The competition started with 140-kg Farmer’s Walk (distance 40 m). Big Z took first place with a time of 18.20 seconds.  In second place was Halfthor Björnsson at 19.71 seconds and third was Krzysztof Radzikowski at 20.83 seconds.

“Next was the Log Lift for reps, with a 155-kg log.  Big Z won with 9 reps, Radzikowski was second with 8 reps and Blekaitis was third, with 7 reps.

“The third event was the Car Deadlift, with a heavy 390 kg for reps.  Again Big Z powered to first place with 9 reps.  Blekaitis got 8 reps for second place and Dainis Zageris made 7 reps for third place.

“The Front Hold with 30 kg was the fourth event and Björn Solvang won with 52.76 seconds.  Second place was Saulius Bruskokas, with 45.42 seconds, and third was Radzikowski, with 43.65 seconds. Big Z was last in this event and that changed totally the ranking. After the event, asking Zydrunas what happened, because normally he is always in first or second place, he said that the position he took at the start was wrong and that caused his bad time.

“Next was the Yoke, 430 kg for 20 m.  Blekaitis put more pressure on Zydrunas by winning the event with time of 9.86 seconds.  Second was Zydrunas, 10.77 seconds, and third was Meelis Peil, 12.38 seconds.

“Before the last event, Blekaitis was in first place, 3 points head of Zydrunas and Radzikowski, who were tied for second position, so the Atlas Stones (5 stones: 100 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg, 160 kg, 180 kg) would decide things.

“Hafthor had an excellent time of 23.35 seconds for third place.  Saulius Brusokas was second with 22.44 seconds, and first was Big Z with an unbelievably fast time of 17.09 secconds.  Fourth was Radzikowski, 26.52 seconds, and fifth was Blekaitis, 27.29 seconds.  This meant that Big Z took the victory 1 point ahead of Blekaitis; in third position was Radzikowski.

“Excellent and fast competition with a lot of drama and action. In few weeks time SCL travels to Brazil (Sao Paolo) for the Semi Finals, so stay tuned for more news to come,” said Kinnunen.

Final Scores

1. Zydrunas Savickas 60.0
2. Vidas Blekaitis 59.0
3. Krzysztof Radzikowski 57.0
4. Saulius Brusokas 52.5
5. Hafthor Julius Bjornsson 50.0
6. Meelis Peil 40.5
7. Dainis Zageris 35.0
8. Björn Solvang 30.5



Zydrunas Savickas Breaks Log Lift World Record

 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

He rules the log lift and proving it once again, Zydrunas Savickas broke the world record yesterday at the Log Lift World Championships with a lift of 222.5 kg, Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind.

Long has Zydrunas Savickas dominated the log lift, and yesterday he pushed the world record to 222.5 kg.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.

“It was an awesome weather in Vilnius today when athletes were getting ready for the Log World Championships,” Kinnunen said, setting the stage for top results and a great TV show.

“The competition was live on Eurosport, which always puts some extra pressure on the guys to try to make huge lifts. That we saw today when Zydrunas Savickas stepped up for his last attempt. The log was loaded up to 222.5kg. He made few big shouts and stepped onto the platform. He easily brought the log to his chest and immediately pressed it up very clean and steady. What a power and, of course, a new world record has seen daylight.

“Second was Vidas Blekaitis, with also excellent lift of 205 kg. He definitely had some power to go even higher.

“Third was Krzyzstof Radzikowski, with a result of 200 kg. He missed his last lift, 205 kg, which he normally does easily.

“Fourth was Dainis Zageris, with a result of 185 kg. He missed 190 kg

“Fifth was Matt Wanat with a result 180 kg. He missed 190kg

“Today we will continue with the MHP Strongman Champions League: 6 events, 12 athletes. This is 14th stage already. The leader at the moment is Kryzstof Radzikowski. So stay tuned for more news coming up,” Kinnunen said.


Meelis Peil Wins SCL Estonia

 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

MHP Strongman Champions League introduced international strongman competition to Estonia this past weekend, where Meelis Peil won the individual competition and Estonia won the team title.

Meelis Peil (Estonia), the new SCL star, won the individual title at MHP Strongman Champions League–Estonia.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

The competition took place Saturday in Tallinn, which is the capital of Estonia, in a sports arena. This was the first time that top strongman athletes have been seen in the country and of course it pulled in a lot of media attention before the competition and during the event.

Six Estonian athletes and six international athletes competed as team and also for individual places in total of six events.

This was an Team event where the whole team was competing. First athlete had to walk 25m with 150-kg Farmer’s Walk and then tapped a team member who took 125 kg and ran 25 m to the platform.  The third part was a 400-kg tyre flip with 4 flips. This was repeated twice, so all 6 team members did their share. The winner was Estonia. The MHP team lost one athlete, Antti Mourujärvi, who tore his bicepts in last part Tyre Flip. This is unfortunate but seems very common in our sport. He will be back 2014 and we all wish him a good recovery. Estonia team 2 points, MHP team 1 point.

After this, the contest continued as an individual competition.

Yoke: 400 kg and 25m
The winner wasMeelis Peil  11.76 sec. 2nd was Krzysztof Radzikowski 11.97sec.

Viking Press: 165-kg
This was easy victory for Krzysztof Radzikowski, who did 15 reps and showed that he is one of the best pressers in world. Second was Ervin Katona with 13 reps.

Conan Circle: 30 m,  350 kg
The winner was Meelis Peil and Lauri Nami was second. 

5th event Forward Hold: 30kg cylinder
This was an easy win for world record holder Ervin Katona with a time of 1 minute 14.92 sec. Alex Moonen was second with 1 minute 4.70 sec.

Atlas Stones, 6 stones: 100 kg (180 cm), 120 kg (160 cm), 140 kg (150 cm), 160 kg (140 cm), 185 (130 cm) and 212 kg (120 cm)
The only athlete who did all 6 stones Meelis Peil, with a time of 48.58 sec.  Lauri Nami was second with 5 stones in 24.80 sec.

Special Thanks to Rammumeeste organisation (Marek & Janek Tobi) who did excellent job pulling out the first big international strongman competition in Estonia. Next year we will be back with even bigger show in Estonia.

Top six individual points:

1. Meelis Peil 56
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski 51
3. Lauri Nami 47
4. Rauno Heinla 43
5. Ervin Katona 40
6. Dainis Zageris 37

The the team title with 204 points versus the MHP SCL Team 182 points.


MHP Strongman Champions League—Gibraltarby

Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

This coming weekend, September 28–19, the MHP Strongman Champions League is headed for Gibraltar—aka The Rock.
The last known home of Neanderthals and nicknamed The Rock: Is the MHP Strongman Champions League—Gibraltar in the right setting or what?  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL.Reminding us of some 18th century history, SCL’s Marcel Mostert told IronMind, “It was seized in 1704 by the British as part of its operations against the French in the War of the Spanish Succession.   ‘The Rock’ is a country with the size of 2.6 miles by 1.2 miles , situated at the front coast of South Spain.  The language is English and it has an own government.According to Wikipedia, Gibraltar is “the last known holdout of the Neanderthals,” so how’s that for having the right DNA?SCL Gibraltar will feature 13 strongman competitors in six events and tying into local geography, the Pillars of Hercules will be contested, along with the Atlas Stones, Truck Pull, Yoke Medley, Forward Hold and the Viking Press.

Start List

Daniel Garcia – Gibraltar
Zydrunas Savickas—Lithuania
Terry Hollands—England
Bjorn Solvang—Norway
Krzysztof Radzikowski—Poland
Ervin Katona—Serbia
Lauri  Nami—Estonia
Dainis Zageris—Latvia
Rob Frampton—England
Alex Moonen—Holland
Tomi Lotta—Finland
Juan Carlos—Spain
M. Hamidi—Morocco

For full details, please visit; IronMind was told that tickets for the live show are still available.

Also, Eurosport will be broadcasting the SCL Truck Pull World Championships on September 27 at 23:00 CET.



Krzysztof Radzikowski Wins MHP Strongman Champions League Poland

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

With beautiful sunny weather and in front of the 2000 people, the athletes worked in 6 hard events.
Krzysztof Radzikowski won the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League competition in Kartuzy, Poland yesterday and is the series leader.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

The competition opened with an arm-over-over pull, that Kinnunen said “was actually the only event that was way too light for these giants and most times came very close inside 2 seconds. The winner was the new Norwegian strongman star Björn Solvang.”Next up was the Viking Press, with 170 kg for reps.  “This is the heaviest weight used in the SCL series and with a new world record, the Polish strongman hero and Leader of the SCL series, Kryzstof Radzikowski showed his power by doing 12 reps inside the 60-second time limit.”
Weight for height followed and this introduced a new height for this event in SCL: 5.20 meters.  Eight barrels were used (2×18 kg, 2×20 kg, 2×22 kg, 2×24 kg) and once again Radzikowski won.
Björn Solvang dominated the fourth event, the Forward Hold, and won it easily..A very heavy deadlift with cars was the fifth event and, “Only few athletes managed to do any reps.  The best result with equal 6 reps was done by Zydrunas Savickas, who was suffering very bad flu., and Dainis Zageris,” said Kinnunen.
Big Z show wrapped up the contest with an easy victory in the Atlas Stones, securing his second place overall, and Kinnunen called it, “An amazing result since he had a bad flu that he got a week ago in SCL Russia.”Overall top five
1. Kryzstof Radzikowski
2. Zydrunas Savickas
3. Dainis Zageris
4. Björn Solvang
5. Martin Wildauer“Special thanks to Harlem Strongman Federation who once again showed their professionalism in putting on an MHP SCL series competition,” said Kinnunen.Next weekend SCL continues in Gibraltar, so stay tuned.


MHP Strongman Champions League Poland

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Already the 12th stage from the MHP Strongman Champions League is starting this weekend in Kartuzy, Poland,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.
MHP Strongman Champions League will be in Kartuzy, Poland this weekend, so if can be there on Saturday at 16.00 (4:00 pm), you will have a chance to see some of the world’s top strongman competitors live and up close.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL

With 12 competitors starting—including Zydrunas Savickas, Ervin Katona, Terry Hollands, Dainis Zageris and of course Krzysztof Radzikowski—it promises to be a hard fight again in our next edition of SCL.
The complete show will be televised and broadcast on Eurosport, the Polish channel TVR and seen in 89 countries,” Mostert said, as SCL continues to build it worldwide television platform.

• Truck Pull: hand over hand
• Viking Press
• Forward Hold
• Atlas Stones
• Keg Toss
• Deadlift: for reps

“The organisation is done together with the Polish federation, which be seen at


Zydrunas Savickas Wins SCL Russia, Mike Burke is Second

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

The MHP Strongman Champions League Russia competition was held on Saturday in Vladivostok, “located at the far east eastern edge of Russian, close to China and North Korea,” SCL cofounder Ilkka Kinnunen told IronMind.
Zydrunas Savickas won the Car Deadlift for Reps, as well as the overall title, at the 2013 SCL–Russia competition held this weekend in Vladivostok.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.
The competition day was partly cloudy and the temperature was around +17 C [about 63 F], which made a perfect conditions for the athletes competing in the outdoor event.
Once again the stands were full, with approximately 5,000 spectators and the screaming was loud when the giant strongmen stepped into the arena.A total of 10 athlete, including Big Z [Zydrunas Savickas], Thor [Hafthor Julius Bjornsson], Mike Burke, Krzysztof Radzikowski, Ervin Katona.  Misha Koklayev was also on the start list, but he has not recovered from his injury at World’s Strongest Man and could not take part, so this time Misha took care of the presenter’s job.A total of six tough events.  Also once again we saw a new world record which came immediately in the first event: Weight for Height.  The last record was done by Misha Koklayev in Giants Live competition in 2010 5.81m now at the end two men first raised the bar to 5.82 m.  Mike Burke was first to break the old record and right after, Thor through the same. Then these two giants put the bar up to 5.90 m and Thor did an easy throw over it. What happened next ws that Thor said that is not enough, so the so bar was put up to 6 m. and he did the height easily. What a start for the competition!!!!“The second event was the Yoke race: 25 m and a weight of 400 kg. Two man battled side by side, Big Z and the young new talent from Russia, Alexander Lysenko.  Lysenko came first over the finishing line with a time of 12.48 seconds and Big Z was second with 12.59 seconds.
The third event was the Dumbbell Press, 100 and 120 kg; the athelete could choose, which one to use.  Also in this event, two men were above others: Mike Burke and Krzyzstof Radzkowski. Both did and amazing 5 reps with 120 kg.
The fourth event was the Deadlift for Reps with 360 kg and Big Z showed his back power and did 18 reps in 60 seconds.  Krzysztof  was second with 15.
The fifth event was the Forward Hold with 30 kg.  Mike Burke, in the second time in competition that he has done the event, came in first place with a time of 55.25 seconds.  Big Z was second, with a time of 46.80 seconds.
The last event was Barrel Loading, 4 x 80 kg 10 m distance for each.  Mike Burke was fastest with a time of 25.28 seconds.  Second was Thor with a time of 26.27 seconds.SCL wants to thank SMG for organizing once again a excellent competition.  Special thanks to P.L.S.E for helping out. We will be back in 2014, even bigger,” said Kinnunen.Overall results:

1. Zydrunas Savickas


2. Mike Burke


3. Hafthor Julius Björnsson


4. Krzysztof Radzikowski


5. Alexander Lysenko


6. Didzis Zarinis


7. Anti Mourujärvi


8. Lauri Nämi


9. Vladimir Kalinichenko


10. Ervin Katona


Follow this link for a pre-trailer of SCL–Russia 2013.

Coming off his strong performance at the World’s Strongest Man contest last month, Mike Burke beat everyone but Zydrunas Savickas at the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League–Russia competition.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL


MHP Strongman Champions League-Russia

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

The next stop of the MHP Strongman Champions League will be in Vladivostok, Russia—which is a 9-1/2 hour flight from Moscow, on the sea of Japan.

If you’re in Vladivostok, Russia this weekend, you will have a chance to see MHP Strongman Champions League in person.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL

“It is a very busy schedule at the moment for our league, organization and athletes,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind and SCL has been rolling from one contest to another on consecutive weekends across Europe—delivering TV shows and adding sponsors along the way.

“The 11th stage in Russia will be followed up this month by Poland and Gibraltar.

“We’re back for the second time in Vladivostok, together with some big champions and the best strongman in the world, Zydrunas Savickas.

“Misha Koklyaev will be the MC there, because he has ripped his triceps last month.  He was originally on the list to compete of course.

“But together with Zydrunas, we also have ‘Thor’ from Iceland, Mike Burke from the USA , Ervin Katona and the SCL leader Krzysztof Radzikowski, from Poland.

“The events will be:

• Weight for Height
• Yoke Race
• Medley
• Deadlift
• Forward Hold
• Dumbbell Press.

And here is the list of athletes:

1.Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)
2. Krysztof Radzikowski (Poland)
3. Ervin Katona (Serbia)
4. Lauri Nami (Estonia)
5. Didzis Zarins (Latvia)
6. Bjorn Andre Solvang (Norway)
7. Halfthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland)
8. Mike Burke (USA)
9.  Antti Mourujarvi (Finland)
10. Didzis  (Latvia)
11. G.Kalichenko (Russia)
12. Alexander Lysenko (Russia)
Meantime, while we are in Russia, you can see the first broadcast of the SCL Portugal on Eurosport on Thursday 12 September at 21.00 hours and a replay at Friday 13th at 19.00 Hours on Eurosport 2,” said Mostert.


Lauri Nami wins SCL Slovakia

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

For his first time ever, Lauri Nami (Estonia), won a  MHP Strongman Champions League stage,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today. 
Lauri Nami won the MHP Strongman Champions League competition in  Kosice, Slovakia this weekend—the first time the Estonian strongman has won an SCL stage.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL“He was very happy with it, especially after beating Krzyzstof Radzikowski in the last event with 0.10 seconds difference: Lauri was a half point behind Krzysztof before they started the Atlas Stones.  The only thing he had to do was win the Atlas Stones to beat the strong Pole and to keep Martin Wildauer behind as well. In an exciting final he was the fastest in the Stones.“Vidas Blekaitis from Lithuania and Ervin Katona  from Serbia became 4th and 5th overall. They all could have won the MHP Strongman Champions League Slovakia in the last event, but Lauri Nami did, and took his first SCL title home.

“Krzystof is still the ‘SCL Leader’ with 11 points ahead of Ervin Katona.,” said Mostert.Offical Results

1. Lauri Nami (Estonia)


2. Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)


3. Martin Wildauer (Austria)


4. Vidas Blekaitis (Lithuania)


5. Ervin Katona (Serbia)


6. Dainis Zageris (Latvia)


7. Gregor Stegnar (Slovenia)


8. Akos Nagy (Hungary)


9. Peter Puzser (Slovakia)


10. Lukas Svoboda (Czech)


The next stage in the 2013 SCL strongman series will be in Russia, this coming weekend.


MHP Strongman Champions League–Slovakia

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


This coming Saturday will be the 10th stop for MHP Strongman Champions league, when the world’s largest strongman tour comes to Kosice, Slovakia
In the tenth stage of its 2013 season, MHP Strongman Champions League is coming to Slovakia this weekend.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL“With a field of 13 athletes—including the big shots Vidas Blekaitis, Ervin Katona, Lauri Nami, Dainis Zageris and the SCL leader Krzysztof Radzikowski—it promises to be a great contest again!,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.  “Will Ervin strike again here and conquer the SCL Leader shirt again?“It is busy weeks for the athletes and SCL organization as there are 5 competitions in a row: Next week already is the SCL Russia, where Zydrunas Savickas and Thor from Iceland and Mike Burke will be competing as well again.”Competitors
1. Lithuania – Vidas Blekaitis
2. Ukraine –  Konstantin Ilin
3. Hungary – Akos Nagy
4. Serbia – Ervin Katona
5. Slovenia –  Gregor Stegnar
6. Austria – Martin Wildauer
7. Poland – Krzysztof Radzikowski
8. Latvia   – Dainis Zageris
9.  Estonia – Lauri Nami
10 .Czech – Lukáš Svoboda
11. Slovakia  – Branislav Golier
12. Slovakia – Peter Puzsér
13. Slovakia – Igor PetríkEvents
1. Log lift
2. Farmer´s walk
3. Dead lift car
4. Atlas Stones
5. Truck Pull
6. Forward HoldIn more MHP Strongman Champions League news, next Thursday, September 12,  SCL –Portugal will be broadcast on Eurosport at 10 PM (22.00).


Ervin Katona wins MHP Strongman Champions League Hungary

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Ervin Katona came out of the blocks fast at the MHP Strongman Champions League contest in Hungary last weekend—Katona had his eye on regaining the yellow SCL leader’s shirt, Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.
Wellbid, the latest SCL sponsor, “belongs to the entertainment shopping segment on the Internet,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.  “They are a new side sponsor who came in for the League until the end of this year with an option for 2014.”  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCLMostert said it was a “thrilling battle between Ervin Katona, SCL Leader Krzysztof Radzikowski and Meelis Peil from Estonia and 10 other athletes in a sunny weather of 25 degrees [and] the crowd was fantastically enthusiastic.“By winning the first event, pulling a 14-meter long limo over grass, Ervin Katona showed that he came with a mission: To win the title and to get his yellow leader shirt back.“Only 11 ranking points between him and Krzysztof Radzikowski was the gap so far and Ervin did succeed in his mission: in his original country he won the MHP Strongman Champions League Hungary 2013 and Krzysztof became second overall, losing only 7 points in the ranking to Ervin.  So this means that Krzystof can start coming weekend again in the yellow SCL leader shirt in SCL Slovakia, with only 4 points ahead of Ervin.“Meelis Peil from Estonia became third in this competition,” said Mostert.Top 10 results 2013 SCL Hungary:

1. Ervin Katona (Serbia) 67.5
2. Krzysztof Radzikowski 57.5
3. Meelis Peil (Estonia) 52.0
4. Bjorn Solvang (Norway) 49.5
5. Antti Mourijarvi (Finland) 47.0
6. Peter Putzer (Slovakia) 42.5
7. Akos Nagy (Hungary) 40.5
8. Gerald Gshiel (Austria) 39.0
9. Didzis Zarins (Latvia) 37.5
10. Marc van der Haer (South Africa) 32.5

Next stop: SCL Slovakia on September 7.


SCL China: 95 Million Viewers

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Spectacular!,” said Marcel Mostert:  “In our first SCL team competition, with 31 countries competing in total, the MHP Strongman Champions League had a major hit in China with 95 million TV viewers.”
Marcel Mostert presents the spectacular staging for the SCL team competition recently held in China.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.“Five episodes of 1 hour have been broadcast there last week and it gave an average view of 95 million viewers on CCTV 1, the largest channel in China,” Mostert said.
The brand-new format worked perfectly. The people loved to see how some special events were done by outstanding athletes who, for example, build a pyramid, pulled an airplane or pulled each other into the water—everyone loved the way the athletes were cheering for their teammates and enjoying“It’s full entertainment combined with strength and tactics completed with a show of fireworks, boats, knights, dancers, etc.“This format is working and the bosses of CCTV 1 wants us back next year for an even bigger event again.  SCL is very proud and happy that it worked out like this and we are looking forward to making a big bang there again next year.
We thank our athletes for all the efforts they also put in here and will invite them for the next SCL in China.
All full episodes can be viewed now on our website at the icon TRAILERS 2013.  Be sure to have a look, it’s a format never done before in strongman.Also, for all the fans, the first broadcast of SCL HOLLAND 2013 can be seen coming Friday 16 August  at Eurosport International, 23.15 hours,” said Mostert.

10 – 08 – 2013

Ervin Katona Wins Inaugural SCL Truck Pull World     Championships

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

“The Truck Pull Worlds were done yesterday in rainy weather, which made the competition very hard for the athletes,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind.  “Slippery asphalt, a wet rope and an uphill track were a few of the issues athletes had to handle yesterday.”

Challenging conditions greeted the first ever Strongman Champions League Truck Pull World Championships yesterday—Ervin Katona prevailed, claiming the title.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.“ A total of 11 athletes arrived for the Trcuk Pull World Championships and favorites Ervin Katona and Thor Björnsson started the first round with excellent results: Thor first and Ervin second.“After a small break, we continued with Truck Pull arm over arm. This event brought lot of surprises and totally changed the order of the leaders: Everyone’s favorite Thor was far from the leading times and dropped out from semifinals. The top four athletes advanced to the semifinals and they were Ervin Katona, Meelis Peils, Dainis Zageris and Finnish Viking Antti Mourujärvi.“In the semifinals, Antti Mourujärvi pulled against Dainis Zageris, and Meelis Peils pulled against Ervin Katona. In first pair, Antti Mourujärvi showed that he is in shape and won both pulls. In the second pair, Ervin and Meelis fought hard until the end. Ervin Katona was faster and went on to the finals, against Antti Mourujärvi.“In first pull Ervin took a small lead and kept it until the end. This did not put Antti´s spirit any lower. He came into the second pull with full energy, however Ervin was stronger this time and took also the second round pretty easily.“This new competition got already a lot of interest and it will continue 2014,” said Kinnunen.

Top six athletes:


28 july 2013

Krzysztof Radzikowski Wins SCL Portugal

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“In an amazing atmosphere at the beach and center of Tavira in Portugal, the 7th stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League was won by the SCL leader Krzystof Radzikowski from Poland,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind today.

Krzysztof Radzikowski on the 14-kg shot put at SCL Portugal.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL


“He showed why he is the absolute SCL leader at the moment,” said Mostert.  “Just in the last event, the log lift for reps with 140 kg , he took the lead after 6 events, and because he did eleven reps, and Vytautas Lalas did 10 reps on this, Krzysztof finished first overall.

“The strong Norwegian newcomer Bjorn Andre Solvang took second place, only 2 points behind Krzystof.  Vytautas Lalas ended on 3rd place with same points as Terry Hollands from the UK.

“They were all so close to each other, which made it a very exciting fight.

“Very interesting was the shot put event with 14 kg: Vytautas Lalas threw the ball 9.40 meters in 3 attempts.  That can be called a new world record.  Krzystof was close to it with 9.30 meter and Terry Hollands got a third place on this event with 8.45 meter.

“Many thanks to Nuno Araujo and his organisation. They did an outstanding job and the SCL will be back there next year,” said Mostert.

Official Final Points (top 8)


1.           Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland) 50.0

2.           Bjorn Andre Solvang (Norway)  48.0

3.           Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania)          47.0

4.           Terry Hollands (UK)                   47.0

5.           Ervin Katona (Serbia)                 44.0

6.           Alex Moonen (Holland )              23.0

7.           Marcos Ferrari (Brazil)                19.0

8.           Aderito Santos (Portugal)           18.5

Terry Hollands (left) going head-to-head with Krzysztof Radzikowski (right) in the tire flip at SCL Portugal.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL

For everyone within range of Eurosport, watch for MHP Strongman Champions League Czech this Friday, August 2, at 21.15, and watch Vytautas Lalas and Krzysztof Radzikowski battle it out for the title.

18 july 2013

SCL-China: First Trailer Hits the Web

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Introducing the first SCL–China trailer to hit the web, Marcel Mostert told IronMind, “Look for the first scene shots of a few events done last week in China.  The MHP Strongman Champions League proved to do its biggest event ever in history.”

Laurence Shahlaei, in gladatorial splendor, sets the tone for SCL–China.  Shahlaei was captain of the Blue Team, in a format unlike anything seen before in strongman in a contest of unrivaled scale and staging.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.

Laurence Shahlaei, in gladatorial splendor, sets the tone for SCL–China.  Shahlaei was captain of the Blue Team, in a format unlike anything seen before in strongman in a contest of unrivaled scale and staging.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.


“31 countries where involved, a crew of 65 people and 1000 knights to complete the show,” said Mostert.  “Great shots of the Emperor’s mountain, the airport and the Giant Jar are on this link:

“More trailers to come, with shots of the Shaolin temple, the Shaolin martial arts school, well known as the biggest martial arts school in the world, and the Zhengzhou city where the athletes made a tour in 20 pick up trucks.

“And also all the strongman in a real gladiator outfit fighting against each other, ending with great fire works as only the Chinese people can do.

“Again, a fantastic event to look back at, with a great ending!

“For more trailers, stay tuned to IronMind and the SCL website,” said Mostert.

14 July 2013

SCL China: “The Biggest Event in Strongman History”

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“We had 32 athletes from 31 countries, all professionals . . . that’s never been done before,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today as he recapped Strongman Champions League–China.  “It was the biggest event in strongman history.”


SCL–China: out of the 32 top strongman competitors who started, it came down to the final two, who dueled on the Jar Lift, an unwieldy overhead lift.  Zydrunas Savickas won, taking home US$10,000 in the process.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.


SCL–China: out of the 32 top strongman competitors who started, it came down to the final two, who dueled on the Jar Lift, an unwieldy overhead lift.  Zydrunas Savickas won, taking home US$10,000 in the process.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.


Asked what motivated him to stage such a massive strongman contest, Mostert said, “To have a bigger challenge in my life . . . we wanted to make a brand new format.

The 32 strongman competitors were divided into two team, Red and Blue, with Zydrunas Savickas as the captain of the Red team and Laurence Shahlaei captain of the Blue team.  Borrowing from reality TV, competitors were eliminated each day—and they did not just fade away, but were publicly identified as they were cut and then further put in the limelight by, for example, being assigned to work on a farm or in a restaurant the next day, Mostert said.

After the field had been whittled down to the top 12 competitors, three events—Yoke Race, Deadlift for reps, Atlas Stones—were used to rank the competitors and the top two went on the Jar Lift, a dramatic overhead lift that pitted Zydrunas Savickas against Hafthor Julius Bjornsson, with Zydrunas taking the victory.

Mostert said that had Krzysztof Radzikowski not been injured, he might have made the final pair and since he is also capable of putting pressure on the Big Z on overhead lifts, that was a much-anticipated possible showdown.  Mostert said that Radzikowski’s injury was not serious and that he thought he’d be fully recovered in a about two weeks.  Not so fortunate was Tritan O’Brien, who tore some ligaments in his knee, the only serious injury in the contest.

As with all Strongman Champions League contest, SCL China will be broadcast in 85 countries and it has already received major media coverage worldwide Mostert told IronMind.

“Everything worked perfectly and we had some good luck,” Mostert said.  “Me and Ilkka [Kinnunen] are proud.”

The Pole Push takes on added drama in the team format used in SCL–China.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL China.


For full details on the MHP Strongman Champions league, including more photos from SCL–China, please click PHOTOS 2013 at




14 July 2013

Zydrunas Savickas Wins SCL China

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“After 4 days of Team competitions the SCL China came finally for the last day,” Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind this morning.

“Top 12 athletes competed in 3 individual events and top two carried for the 4th event.

“The events for the final day were: Yoke Race 400kg; Krystof Radzkowski got injured after few meter of walking with the Yoke, luckily the injury was minor and wont effect the end of the season´s events. Winner in Yoke Laurence Shahlaei

“Deadlift for reps 410kg below the knee. C.F.Caron did amazing 10reps and won the event.

“Atlas Stones 2x120kg, 140kg, 160kg and 180kg stone, excellent runs were seen and finally we came to last top two who was Big Z & Thor. 

“The challenge “Jar” Maximum Overhead Lift. Starting weight 170kg. Very awkard equipment however was too much this time for Thor, but not to Big Z who lifted the 170kg over his head with speed.

“SCL China was once a again a big success and the next stop will be Portugal last weekend of July.


ZYDRUNAS SAVICKAS           34 points

THOR                                           31

J.F.CARON                                 28


DAINIS ZAGERIS                    23

LAURI NÄMI                            20

ERVIN KATONA                      20


ROB FRAMTON                      14


GREGOR STEGNAR               2


10 July 2013

SCL China—The Final Cut

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“After an early start, we headed off to Zhengzhou airport for the last three events of the qualifying round for the finals,” Strongman Champions League cofounder Ilkka Kinnunen reported to IronMind today.

Zydrunas Savickas and Hafthor Bjornsson team up to pull a jet at SCL China, billed as the contest that would supersize strongman.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.



“Again, temperatures were high, and the athletes were very motivated, as this was their last chance to make it to the top twelve.

The most difficult challenge was the plane pull, which was the heaviest event for the day.  The winners for the day were on the Red team, with Zydrunas Savickas as the team leader.”


The 12 strongmen who made it to the finals are:


1.  Zydrunas Savickas

2.  Laurence Shahlaei

3.  Krzysztof Radzikowski

4.  Lauri Nami

5.  Antti Mourujarvi

6.  Gregor Stegnar

7.  Rob Frampton

8.  Hafthor Bjornsson

9.  Dainis Zageris

10.  Alexander Lysenko

11.  Ervin Katona

12.  Jean-Francois Caron


These 12 athletes will compete in the SCL China finals, which includes three events:  400-kg yoke race, 410-kg deadlift, and Atlas stones, so stay tuned.


22 June 2013

 SCL–Holland: Zydrunas Savickas Gets First Win in 2013 and “Thor” Gets a World Record

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Zydrunas Savickas made his 2013 season debut most impressive as he attacked his  own world record in the log lift and managed to hold off the Icelandic freight train known as Hafthor Julius Bjornsson for the victory—but not before “Thor” notched a world record of his own.

Zydrunas Savickas opened his 2012 strongman season with a world record attempt in the Log Lift at the MHP Strongman Champions League–Holland and you can see how close he came to succeeding with the 221-kg lift.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo.

“The first competition from Zydrunas and again he made his victory, although it was only 1 point ahead of “Thor,” commented Marcel Mostert.  

“Thor won 4 out of 6 events, he was fired up and tried to win overall in the Atlas Stones, the last event.  Because of that he won the Atlas Stones in a great  new world record of 18.31 seconds with 5 stones of 120/140/160/170/180 kg on a high wall like World’s Strongest Man. “Zydrunas did try a new world record on the log lift with 221 kg, but just failed in the last 10 cm, although he showed that he will break it this year for sure. I think he will end with 227.5 kg this year. Phenomenal.

Krzystof Radzikowski, the MHP/SCL leader, got 3rd place overall and gained again SCL points for his leadership. He was happy with the result as the athletes all said that this was a very heavy event in Holland.

“Danis Zageris from Latvia got 4th place and Alex Moonen from Holland got 5th place. He was very happy with that as it was his best place so far in the  MHP Strongman Champions League

“Unfortunately, Misha Koklyaev couldn’t  be on time as had problems with his visa.  Ervin Katona and Jan Wagenaar fell out due injury in the competition,” said Mostert.


Final Scores (top 10)


1.           Zydrunas Savickas (Lithuania)               77.0

2.           Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland)         76.0

3.           Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)             68.0

4.           Dainis Zageris (Latvia)                          58.0

5.           Alex Moonen (Holland)                          54.5

6.           Lauri Nami (Estonia)                             52.5

7.           Jitse Kramer (Holland)                          44.0

8.           Jimmy Laureys (Belgium)                      42.0

9.           Gerald Gschiel (Austria)                        42.0

10.         Matt Wanat (USA)                               34.0

“Next stage: SCL Portugal at 27/28 July, and for the fans, the SCL Latvia can be seen on Eurosport for the first time at Friday  5 July at 22.00 hours,” said Mostert.


Hafthor Julius Bjornsson blistered the Atlas Stones in world record time—was this matchup between “Thor” and Zydrunas a foretaste of what’s coming up at the World’s Strongest Man contest later this year?  IronMInd® | Randall J. Strossen photo

08 June 2013

Krzysztof Radzikowski Wins in Czech, New SCL Leader—Ervin Katona Breaks World Record

 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


 “Last weekend, in the MHP Strongman Champions League Czech, the Polish star Krzysztof Radzikowski took a double victory,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind. Ervin Katona in the zone at the MHP Strongman Champions League competition in Czech last weekend, where he broke the world record in the Forward Hold.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.


Krzystof won the SCL Czech in a field of 14 athletes  and conquered again the SCL Leader shirt, which he will start with in Holland at 22 June. Krzysztof did really great and left Vytautas Lalas, second, and Lauri Nami, third, behind.Ervin Katona got fourth and lost his leader shirt, but he did a new world record on the Power Team Forward Hold:  He held 30 kg in a time of 72.23 seconds, and he was very pleased with that.

Ervin could have been in the top three, but the last event (Conan Wheel) hurt his knees too much as he has an old injury there, and that cost him a lot of points.  Our co-organizer George Patendis from Face-Czech did a great job with this fantastic event and we will be back next year in Czech,” said Mostert.


Official Final Scores (top ten)


1.           Krzysztof Radzikowsk (Poland)       76.0

2.           Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania)               73.5

3.           Lauri Nami (Estonia)                        60.5

4.           Ervin Katona (Serbia)                       52.5

5.           Konstantin Ilin (Ukraine)                52.5

6.           Terry Hollands (UK)                        52.0

7.           Dainis Zageris (Latvia)                    50.0

8.           Martin Wildauer (Austria)             45.0

9.           Peter Putzer (Slovakia)                   41.0

10.         Lukas Svoboda (Czech)                    39.5

The next stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League will be in Holland at 22 June, and the first broadcasting of SCL Germany/FIBO will on Eurosport this coming Friday, June 14, at 21.30 (11:30 PM) CET.

Vytautas Lalas (left) is on a hot streak in strongman, but Krzysztof Radzikowski (center) defeated Lalas and all other comers at the MHP Strongman Champions League contest in Czech this last weekend, taking the title as well as the overall series lead.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

05 June 2013

MHP Strongman Champions League–Czech

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“Although the countries in middle Europe are over flooded with water at the moment, like in Czech, Austria and Germany, the MHP Strongman Champions League train will stop anyway at 8 June in Pilzen, for the SCL Czech 2013,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind today. Ervin Katona is the 2013 SCL overall leader so far—watch for Katona and other top strongman competitors this coming weekend as MHP SCL goes to Pilzen, Czech.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.


“It is the 5th stage of SCL and we hope that all will be ok there and that we will keep our dry feet,” said Mostert.

“Six heavy events, such as the Apollon’s Axle, Frame Walk, Wheel Flip, Forward Hold, Conan’s Wheel and the Super Yoke will be done. The top 6 leaders of the MHP Strongman Champions League will be present as well: Ervin Katona, Dainis Zageris, Krzystof Radzikowski, Tomi Lotta and Vytautas Lalas . . . a very strong field guarantees a super strong show again in the SCL,” Mostert said.


Here is the official start list:


1.   Krzysztof Radzikowski (Poland)

2.   Ervin Katona (Serbia)

3.  Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania)

4.  Lauri Nami (Estonia)

5.  Dainis Zageris (Latvia)

6.  Terry Hollands (UK)

7.  Tomi Lotta (Finland)

8.  Martin Wildauer (Austria)

9.  Konstantin Ilin (Ukraine)

10. Golier Brano (Slovakia)

11. to be announced (Czech)

12. to be announced (Czech)

13. to be announced (Czech)

14. to be announced (Czech)


And while you are waiting for this weekend’s strongman action from SCL, check out the new 2013 MHP SCL–Serbia trailer.

2013 MHP SCL–Serbia trailer.

25 May 2013

“Thor” Wins SCL Latvia 2013 . . . New Latvian, Estonian Strongman Stars

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Contested in “in heavy rain on an ice-cold day,” the MHP Strongman Champions League was unfazed by bad weather and Icelander Hafthor Julius Bjornsson probably felt right at home as he “won the competition, followed by a new Latvian star, Dainis Zageris,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland) won.(see photo from “Thor” )


“Dainis showed his power, as he is in the best shape of his life now and he crushed the field with such names as Misha Koklyaev, Johannes Arsjo and Ervin Katona. The mighty Icelander ‘Thor” was still too much for him, but maybe that’s also a matter of time.

“In third place finished another new star, Meelis Peil from Estonia.  He did very well, with an impressive second place on the Conan’s Wheel and all other events in the top five. Dainis broke the Latvian record on the Power Stairs, that time was in hands of Raimonds Bergmanis.  Raimunds was just proud of him for that, as he was the announcer at the competition. The Viking Press world record didn’t get broken:  Record holder Ervin Katona (13 reps at 165 kg) couldn’t do more than 10 reps, equalled by Dainis Zageris, for another Latvian record.

“It was a pity that it rained the whole day because the place, equipment and the crowd were perfect.  With many thanks to SCL co-partner AB Build. “It was a great event in Latvia, so nice to be back there again, as it is the country where the first SCL competition ever started.  Contracts are already signed for the next year to do again an SCL stage,” said Mostert.


Official Scores: Top Ten Points


Rank     Athletes                                      Points      SCL Points


1.           Thor Bjornsson (Iceland)             74.5      25.0

2.           Dainis Zageris (Latvia0                69.5      18.0

3.           Meelis Peil (Estonia)                    56.0      15.0

4.           Misha Koklyeav (Russia)              52.0      12.0

5.           Johannes Arsjo (Sweden)            50.5      10.0

6.           Ervin Katona (Serbia)                  47.5       8.0

7.           Tomi Lotta (Finland)                    42.5       6.0

8.           Oskars Martuzans (Latvia)            41.0       5.0

9.           Martin Wildauer (Austria)             40.5       4.0

10.         Mareks Leitis (Latvia)                   36.5       3.0


For full details, please visit the official SCL website.   The next stage is SCL Czech on June 8—watch for the official announcement on IronMind.


Dainis Zageris (Latvia) brushed aside all competitors but one at MHP SCL–Serbia, serving notice that he’s hunting for scalps in the strongman world.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.

18 May 2013

Ervin Katona Wins the SCL Serbia in Close Battle

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Marcel Mostert has just sent IronMind a report on the MHP Strongman Champions League contest in Serbia, where Ervin Katona held off Martin “The Deadlift Kid” Wildauer for the title.

Ervin Katona, wearing the Fan Favorite shirt at the MHP Strongman Champions League Serbia on the 25-kg weight for height.  IronMind® | Vladimir Velickovic photo.

This was the third stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League 2013 season and “The Austrian ‘Deadlift Kid’ was in a super shape and finished on second place, just 2 points behind Ervin,” Mostert said.  “He won the weight for height with 25 kg in a personal record over 5.60 meter.  He also did an attempt  for a new world record at 5.80 meters, but just missed it by a few centimeters.

“The new Latvian champion, Dainis Zageris, got a second place on the weight for height with 5.40 meter and a third place overall.  A personal record for him as well.  Tomi Lotta was wearing the MHP/SCL leader shirt as the highest ranked athlete and Ervin Katona won the MHP Fan Favorite Strongman shirt.

“Jan Wagenaar from Holland did well with a sixth place, his best in an SCL contest so far.  Johannes Arsjo got a little injury during the 360-kg frame walk and was very disappointed.  Still, A beautiful sunny day with great crowd in a fantastic atmosphere made the competition a very succesful and exciting day,” said Mostert.


Overall results:


1.           Ervin Katona (Serbia)                  63.0      25.0

2.           Martin Wildauer (Germany)          61.0      18.0

3.           Dainis Zageris (Latvia                  54.5      15.0

4.           Lauri Nami (Estonia)                    45.5      12.0

5.           Tomi Lotta (Finland)                    41.5      10.0

6.           Jan Wagenaar (Holland)               37.5        8.0

7.           Sebastian Kurek (Poland)             27.5        6.0

8.           Akos Nagy (Hungary)                   24.0       5.0

9.           Johannes Arsjo* (Sweden)           20.5        4.0

10.         Radojca Marinkovic (Serbia)          18.5        3.0

11.         Alen Radosevic (Serbia)                18.0        2.0

12.         Paul Pirjol (Romania)                    17.0        1.0  *injured


The next stage of the MHP Strongman Champions League will be this coming weekend in Latvia, on May 25.

15 May 2013

MHP Strongman Champions League Serbia This Weekend

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“We are preparing for the MHP Strongman Champions League Serbia which will happen coming weekend in Novi Sad, the second biggest city in Serbia,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind today.

Powered by MHP, the 2013 Strongman Champions League season continues in Serbia this weekend:  “The weather will be hot, 30 degrees (86 F), the arena beautiful, and the athletes fired up for the title and the prize money,” Marcel Mostert told IronMind.  IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL.

“This is the 3rd stage of the MHP/SCL series out of 16.  Next week the SCL Latvia will be done, followed by SCL Czech and SCL Holland.

“It will be busy weeks and all top athletes around the world will appear in one or more shows in this period: Misha Koklyaev, Vytautas Lalas, Terry Hollands, Laurence Shahlaei, Krzystof Radzikowski and maybe even Zydrunas Savickas,” said Mostert.

Start List:


Ervin Katona (Serbia)

Johannes Arsjo (Sweden)

Paul Pirjol (Romania)

Sebastian Kurek (Poland)                      

Tomi Lotta (Finland)

Jan Wagenaar (Holland)

Martin Wildauer (Germany)

Lauri Nami (Estonia)

Dainis Zageris (Latvia)

Akos Nagy (Hungary)

TBD* (Serbia)

TBD* Serbia (Serbia)




Atlas Stones

Truck Pull

Power Team Forward Hold

MHP Viking Press

Farmer’s Walk

Weight for Height.

Stay tuned for the results coming weekend!

16 April 2013

Vytautas Lalas wins the SCL/FIBO Fit X

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


“Last weekend, in a fully-packed arena, the vice world champion Vytautas Lalas won the FIBO/MHP Strongman Champions League in Germany,” Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind.

Vytautus Lalas on the deadlift for reps at the SCL/FIBO strongman contest.  Lalas, who has been on a roll in the strongman world, won this competition.  IronMind® | Photo courtesy of SCL.


                    SCL FIBO GERMANY

Trailer Highlights

It was not easy for him, as after 5 events, the big Icelander ‘Thor’ was leading by half a point on Vytautas. Lalas impressed already at the ‘Giant Dumbbell Lift’ with a new record of 13 reps (90 Kg) , but he made a mistake on the Crucifix.  Therefore it was the whole day an interesting fight for winning the FIBO title.

“Until the last event, the deadlift for reps with 350 kg, Lalas showed his absolute power and did 9 reps, equal with Martin Wildauer ‘The Deadlift Kid.’  Thor couldn’t do more than 6 reps and finished therefore 2nd overall in the competition.  Krzysztof, the leader in the MHP Strongman Champions League, finished 3rd overall.  With Laurence Shahlaei on 4th, Ervin Katona on 5th and Misha Koklyaev on 6th place, we had an extremely strong top 6 finish with 14 competitors in total.

“The FIBO this year was on a new place in Cologne, as the former expo site became too small!  On Saturday, when the Strongman show was running, there were so much people that they stopped sell tickets at 3 pm.  It was totally overcrowded!  So, again a great success and we look forward to be back next year!  Many thanks to Heinz Ollesch and Jens Thieme for their efforts and help in our Strongman Champions League,” said Mostert.

Krzysztof Radzikowski is the season leader so far in the 2013 MHP SCL strongman series.  IronMind® |  Photo courtesy of SCL.

Final results, top six:


1.           Vytautas Lalas (Lithuania)                              71.5

2.           Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland)              69.0

3.           Krzyzstof Radzikowski (Poland)                    64.5

4.           Laurence Shahlaei (Iran)                                 58.0

5.           Ervin Katona (Serbia)                                      56.0

6.           Misha Koklyaev (Russia)                                55.0


Mostert also told IronMind, “This coming Friday, 19 April, the first SCL competition from 2013, the SCL LAPLAND, will be broadcast on Eurosport 23.00 hours CET time.”

18 March 2013

Krzysztof Radzikowski wins the MHP SCL Iceman IV

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Kicking off the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League season, SCL Lapland, “better known as the ‘Iceman’ was won

last weekend by the new Polish strong kid Krzysztof Radzikowski,” said Marcel Mostert. Radzikowski fought the

winter weather as well as the events themselves to claim the Iceman IV title.  IronMind® | Courtesy of SCL.




“In a snow white arena with a temperature of -18 degrees (at night -34) the strong Pole defeated the complete field, including local hero Tomi Lotta and Laurence Shahlaei from Iran, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. “Especially on the MHP Viking Press with 165 kg, Krzysztof made a great impression.  He did 11 reps and could have broken the  world record by Ervin Katona (13 reps) easily. However, for the win it was not necessary and he saved his energy.

The 3 times Iceman champion Zydrunas Savickas, was also present as a guest of honor, and now Krzysztof is a worthy strong new champion at the Iceman.

“In total, 8 events were needed to crown the new champion in this ice cold weather.  Heavy, cold, difficult and new events were a challenge to the athletes in this weather, especially loading big, slippery ice cubes of 100 kg was a very special and ‘ice cold’ event.

“J-F Caron from Canada and the new champion of Latvia, Dainis Zageris, missed the podium by just a few points. Exciting it was for sure, especially as the number 5 in the final event still could easily could achieve a 2nd place.


“The MHP Fan Favorite Strongman title went to Tomi Lotta. He was 2nd in the contest but  also put down a perfect show and the audience loved him so they chose him as the best performer of the competition. Tomi Lotta is back! Overall,again a great event and we look forward to be back next year, despite the coldness,” Mostert said.


Here are the official overall points:

16-03-2013  SCL  LAPLAND



SCL Ranking Points:

1.  Krzysztof Radzikowski – Poland 77.5 25
2.  Tomi Lotta – Finland 68 (2 wins) 18
3.  Laurence Shahlaei – Iran 68 ( 1 win ) 15
4.  JF Caron – Canada 66.5 12
5.  Dainis Zageris – Latvia 63.5 10
6.  Juha Matti Jarvi – Finland 58.5   8
7.  Meelis Peilis – Estonia 50.5   6
8.  Antti Mourujärvi – Finland 50   5
9.  Ervin Katona – Serbia 38   4
10.Matthew Wanat – USA 32   3
11.Jarno Kirsela – Finland 31.5   2
12.Daniel Garcia – Gibraltar 7   1

09 March 2013


This is the first ever feature film on a legendary strongman. The highest budget ever allocated by theCanadian film agency : $ 9 millions. The movie is based on the biography of Louis Cyr written by Paul Ohl (president of FORTISSIMUS) IN 2005.

A team of 10 researchers spent 4 months going through archives , reviewing more than 500 press clips and dozens of videos featuring SCL Worldchampion Zydrunas Savickas .Antoine Bertrand, casted as Louis Cyr, trained for one full year, putting on 30 pounds of muscles. He stand 1m88 and weighs 125 kg.

Louis Cyr, the strong man is known worldwide Quebec in the late 19th century for his almost superhuma

n physical strength. Who never refused a challenge and is never defeated in his country as elsewhere, this man has the power occupies a Hercules size in the collective memory of Quebec. Finally, the dramatic story of Louis Cyr take life as film and it’s nobody else Antoine Bertrand, who will play the famous character.

To give you a taste of the film, click on the link below for a preview.

The movie will be in the cinema at July 2013.

Was he possible the first strongest man ever?


04 March 2013

MHP Strongman Champions League Introduces Two New Shirts

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

“We present two new shirts for the coming SCL season,” SCL cofounder Marcel Mostert reported to IronMind today.

Strongman Champions League had already introduced the idea of a leader’s shirt to their strongman series.

This year, they are complementing that with a fan favorite shirt.

IronMind® | Image courtesy of SCL.

“One shirt is the former orange  ‘leader’ shirt.  In 2013  the MHP Strongman Champions League (SCL) leader shirt  will be yellow and it stands for the highest-ranked strongman in the league for 2013. After each competition there can be a new leader, but he will always wear the same shirt.

A complete new introduction will be the navy blue ‘Fan Favorite Strongman’ shirt,” Mostert said. The best performer, greatest entertainer, [most] loved by the public will get this shirt, by votes of the public. Therefore, this athlete doesn’t need to be the absolute strongest; he can be 3rd or 5th , but still he can win the  award as the ‘Fan Favorite Strongman.’  We introduce this because we want to see more show, action and entertaining from the athletes besides their extraordinary strength performances. Each competition, the public will judge this and an extra cash prize will be given for this.

In two weeks we will know who is the new SCL leader and the Fan Favorite Strongman after our first show at 16 March, The Iceman IV in Lapland,” said Mostert.  SCL is the largest series in strongman and the top five competitors, overall, are expected to go on to compete in the 2013 World’s Strongest Man contest.

28 February 2013

Starting Field for MHP IceMan IV

 by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind


Some of the top names in strongman will be competing in IceMan IV, an MHP Strongman Champion’s League (SCL) extravaganza set in the winter wonderland of Finland’s Ruka, the international ski jump area, on March 16.

IceMan IV, with a setting as rugged as strongman itself, returns to Finland’s Lapland on March 16.

“12 contestants fight each other in eight different  events. The competition will take place

outside in the snow, without any temperature limits,” declares the press release and if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing this competition in person, in a setting where even the bar is made from ice, you know this is no idle comment.



• Truck Pull

• Deadlift

• Forward Hold

• MHP Viking Press

• Loading

• Yoke/Frame Carry Medley

• House Carry

• Giant Circle


“Reigning SCL world champion  Zydrunas Savickas, who  has won all the previous IceMan competitions,  will be there as well, but now in a TV commentator role, a special for SCL,” confirmed Timo Kangasluoma, who will be distributing the TV show of the contest.


Here is the official start list:


• Ervin Katona                        Serbia

• Laurence Shahlaei              Iran

• Tomi Lotta                            Finland

• Krzysztof Radzikowski      Poland

• J-F Caron                             Canada

•  Juha Matti Järvi                Finland

• Antti Mourujärvi                 Finland

• Matt Wanat                          USA

• Daniel Garcia                       Gibraltar

• Dainis Zageris                     Latvia

• Meelis Pailis                        Estonia


The one-hour TV show will be broadcast “in the spring of Finland on MTV3 and MTV3 Max,” said Kangasluoma, “and the program has an extensive international distribution platform, including Eurosport 1 and 2, through which the program will be shown throughout Europe, Asia and Oceania,” so if you can’t make it in person, you might be able to catch the IceMan IV on TV.

12 February 2013



MHP (Maximum Human Performance) has now become the official headline sponsor for the biggest series in strongman – the 2013 MHP Strongman Champions League. All 15 of the Strongman Champions League (SCL) pro events to be held in 2013 will be powered by MHP, a world leader in performance nutrition and supplementation.

SCL and MHP , both made  a big step forward for the Strongman sport in general by signing this great deal.


MHP’s corporate mission has always been to develop premier science-based, research-driven sports supplements to help athletes achieve their greatest physical potential. Over the years, MHP has introduced many innovations and breakthroughs in sports nutrition. MHP has become the most trusted brand and industry leader among world-class athletes, strongmen, pro bodybuilders, powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts alike – making its partnership with the SCL a perfect blend of world class performance and performance nutrition.


The SCL is the biggest strongman league worldwide, with over 15 stages (competitions) throughout the year in 15 different countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. Every year, more than 60 strongman compete in this professional league, which is also a qualifying road to the World’s Strongest Man. The SCL is a premiere televised league, with its events broadcast to more than 1 billion households worldwide. Through this new partnership, MHP provides SCL the ability to develop more quality with powerful events and top athletes.


“Over the past few years, MHP has experienced significant growth in our international business,” said Steve Downs, MHP Marketing Director. “Our new partnership with the Strongman Champions League will showcase our brand in 15 countries at stage , in 89 countries on television ,and solidify our role as the global leader in performance supplementation for world class athletes everywhere.”


For more information about MHP, visit To find out more about the SCL and the 2013 calendar of pro strongman events, log on to their website at Watch for the world’s biggest strongman league coming to your city this year!

10 February 2013

IceMan IV Opens 2013 SCL Calendar

by Randall J. Strossen, Ph.D. | ©2013 IronMind

Strongman Champions League—the world’s most active professional strongman tour—opens its 2013 season with the coolest strongman contest of them all: the IceMan, which is set in Finland’s Lapland, just south of the Arctic Circle.


Forget the idea that strongman is only for the summer, with lots of sand and searing temperatures: when Ilkka Kinnunen developed the IceMan, he brought a wholenew concept to strongman, featuring the power and beauty of a winter setting for the world’s top professional strongman competitors.  The IceMan has no equal.  IronMind® | Artwork courtesy of SCL.

Here’s how Ilkka Kinnunen describes it:

“The IceMan:  Snow, wind, outside venue, Arctic Circle, eight hard and heavy events.  These are just few things about IceMan competition, which takes place again in Ruka-Kuusamo, Finland.

“A total of 12 athletes will battle through a rough one-day competition.  The date is set to 16th of March.  The schedule goes that athletes will compete starting at noon through 4 events and continuing in the evening at 6 p.m. with 4 more events.  8 events in total of four hours, is this possible?  Yes it is.  Most events are double events (two men competing same time).

“Zydrunas Savickas, who has won the IceMan all three times, won’t be competing this time, but he will be present as a TV commentator.

“If you are looking for something totally different in 2013, extreme strongman action, you don’t want to miss the IceMan IV,” said Kinnunen.

More details about the athletes and events will be given soon so stay tuned.

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