The Strongman Champions League ( SCL ) is powered by  his official head sponsor MLO  (MLO NUTRITION) 

The SCL World series is the biggest strongman league worldwide, with over 16 stages (competitions) throughout the year in 16 different countries throughout USA ,Europe, Asia and the Caribbean.

Every year, more than 100 strongmen compete in this  professional league. The Strongman Champions League is a premiere televised league,  filmed and broadcasted in the hosting countries as well in 95 countries in total.  


Year Athlete Nationality
2008 Zydrunas Savickas  Lithuania
2009 Andrus Murumets  Estonia
2010 Terry Hollands  United Kingdom
2011 Ervin Katona  Serbia
2012 Zydrunas Savickas  Lithuania
2013 Krzysztof Radzikowski  Poland
2014 Martin Wildauer Austria Austria
2015 Krzysztof Radzikowski  Poland
2013 Dainis Zageris            Latvia
2014 Matjaz Belsak             Slovenia
2015 Dainis Zageris            Latvia

The Strongman Champions League was developed by Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert, longtime strongman promoters, with major contests to their credit worldwide, and was launched in 2008. Kinnunen & Mostert described SCL as “a new episode in strongman.

A complete series of 16 competitions, that will take place all over the world. The very best champions, referees and their organizers will be the guarantee of a great new, fresh excitement in Strongman sport. The competition venues are the best which each country can offer and it will include the country’s own traditional elements. As well as citing that all points will be accumulated for a Champions League Winner at the end of the year.

The World Champion will be crowned in stage 16.