The 105 Kg Strongman World Championships is also created by Ilkka Kinnunen and Marcel Mostert,the founders of the Strongman Champions League.
In 2004 it has started with national and international competitions all over the world.
For some athletes it was a great experience and the next step to enter the proffessional heavyweight strongman scene worldwide.
SCL wants to do the World Championships 105 Kg every 2 years.
In 2005 and 2007 there was held a Worldchampionship in China where 17 athletes from sixteen different countries participated in the event.
From Austria, Bulgaria, China, Estonia ,England ,Finland ,Germany , Holland , Hungary, Korea, Latvia , Lithuania ,Poland , South/Africa ,Sweden , Ukraine , Iran and the USA.
These competitions have been done over 10 events during 1 week.
In December 2007 the welcome party was lead by Mr. MA Xiang Cheng (Vice Director of Tourism) ,
Mr. Lou Wei Feng (Director of Peoples government Panyu of Guangzhou) and Ilkka Kinnune (Director Strongman Champions League).
In 2009 it was held in Kiev-Ukraine , with co organizers Vladimir and Olena Kiba from the Ukrainian Federation UFSA.
We look forward to 2011 for another great World Championship 105 Kg.


Position Name Country Points
1 Vitaliy Gerasimov Ukraine 70
2 Mikhailo Melnikov Ukraine 68
3 Mariusz Lalas Lithuania 64
4 Gert Gorshanov Estonia 63
5 Aleksander Mantserov Russia 58
6 Justin Blake United States 37
7 Alexey Vishnitsky Ukraine 34.5
8 Maris Blumfelds Latvia 34
9 Patrick Baboumian Germany 31
10 Paul Wood United Kingdom 25.5
11 Josef Masaryk Slovakia 17
12 Rami Koski Finland 9